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NRS Frame 10" Oar Mount - Item #91042.02
…10" Oar Mounts. Now in high-tech hot-forged aluminum for a stronger, lighter, sleeker mount. * 10" Oar Mounts raise your oar locks up higher for more comfortable rowing when you're sitting on a raised surface. * Forging aligns the crystalline structure of the aluminum, creating a stronger oar mount.

$54.95 - $109.95

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NRS Frame 8" Oar Mount - Item #91041.02
The NRS 8" Oar Mount puts your oars up higher when you need more leg room on your raft or cataraft frame. Now in high-tech hot-forged aluminum for a stronger, lighter, better looking mount! * Forging aligns the crystalline structure of the aluminum, creating a stronger oar mount. * This increased…


$47.50 - $94.95

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NRS Frame 6" Oar Mount - Closeout - Item #91040.01
…uncompromising stiffness, NRS 6" Oar Mounts will hold up for a very long time. They're the most versatile oar mount around. You can adjust their working height by rotating them around the circumference of the rails. Accepts 5/8" oarlocks or pins and include mounting hardware. Fits over pipe 1 5/8"…


$37.50 - $74.95

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NRS Compact Outfitter Raft Frame - Item #92005.02
…for even more convenience, performance and fun. * Use at least four NRS Tie-Down Straps to secure the frame to your boat. * Includes: Side Rails, four Cross Bars, Foot Bar, 8" Oar Mounts, two 9' NRS Straps, four Strap Slides and one Adjustable Cooler Mount. * Coolers and dry boxes sold separately.


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NRS Superston Open Oarlocks - Item #77407.01
…fastener (included). They fit snugly in NRS Oar Mounts. * The horn opening is 1 5/8" with a 2 3/8" inside diameter. * Sold individually as well as in pairs, so be sure to order a spare. * Compare the measurements under the Specs tab to those of your oar shaft to ensure a good fit with these…


$42.50 - $84.95

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NRS Otter 130 Fishing Package - Item #85014.01
…back. * The NRS Anchor Mount is a great tool for staying in the spot where the fish are. The pulley system brings the operation of the anchor within easy reach of the rower. Anchor and rope sold separately (3/8" polypropylene rope is recommended) * Two 9' Carlisle Oars, with 6.5" Outfitter Blades,…

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NRS Frame 6" Oar Mount - Item #91040.02
…creating a stronger oar mount. * This increased strength has allowed us to streamline the design, reducing the 6-inch Oar Mount's weight by 25% over the older model. * A tough nylon bushing allows the oarlock shank to rotate friction free. * You can easily adjust the oar mount's height by rotating…


$37.50 - $74.95

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NRS Oar Mount Nylon Bushing - Item #91043.01
…aluminum NRS Oar Mounts. The tough nylon material provides a low-friction surface for oarlock shafts to rotate against. * The bushings produce a smooth, no-squeak stroke as you row your raft, cataraft or drift boat. * To replace bushing, tap out the old bushing from the bottom of the mount, then…


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Plastic Oar Stoppers - Item #77406.01
If you are not using oar rights, plastic stoppers will position and keep your oars where you want them to be. Use large stoppers with Molded Oar Sleeves. Sold in pairs. Small: Mounts directly on small-diameter shafts 1 3/8" - 1 5/8" Regular: Mounts directly on Carlisle or Cataract shafts 1 7/8" - 2"…


$15.00 - $29.95

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Oar Pins and Clips Sets - Item #77420.01
…hose clamps for a no-mar attachment. * Oar Stirrups, sold separately, are recommended for preventing oars from getting away if the clip pops off the pin in heavy maneuvering. * The 9" model has a 3 1/2" PVC bushing that orients the oar above the oar mount at approximately the same height as an open…


$49.95 - $55.95

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NRS Motor Mount Stern Side Rails - Item #90022.02
…our Motor Mount to your raft frame. Great for fishing or those slow, flatwater stretches. * Made with our standard NRS Frame Pipe, 1-5/8" OD 6061-T6 aluminum pipe, complete with LoPro Fittings (including U-bolts). * Use a pair of these Stern Side Rails to connect the NRS Raft Motor Mount to your…


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NRS Stern Raft Frame - Item #92007.02
…* NRS Oar Mounts are lighter, sleeker and stronger than ever with hot-forged aluminum alloy construction and a nylon insert to reduce rowing friction. * Use NRS Tie-Down Straps to secure the frame to your boat. * Components: Side Rails, Seat Bar, Foot Bar, Low-Back Drain-Hole Seat and 8" Oar Mounts.


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