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NRS Mechanical Pressure Gauge - Item #80007.02
…inflatable kayak, SUP board's air pressure to prevent over-inflation. * The 0-20 psi capacity covers the widest range of inflatable craft. * Gauge fits Leafield and military-style valves. * Screw in gauge tip adjusts for best valve plunger depression. * Gauge tip must be in the valve for reading.



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NRS Digital Pressure Gauge - Item #80008.01
…of the NRS Digital Pressure Gauge helps you keep the air pressure in your inflatable raft, cataraft, kayak, SUP or body board exactly where you want it. * This accurate gauge can save you a ton of headache and expense. * Waterproof casing will make sure that your gauge can handle life on the river.…



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K-Pump Kwik Check Standard Pressure Gauge - Item #80082.02
gauge must be in the valve while you read the gauge. * Lightweight construction and heavy-duty rubberized shell make this gauge very easy to handle, and it's protected when banging around in your dry box. * Small tether hole on the adapter lets you leash it to the gauge to prevent loss. * The gauge



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NRS Wonder Pump HP - Item #80015.02
…HP makes a great top-off pump for your raft or inflatable kayak. It's also a great pump for higher pressure inflatables. * The included pressure gauge takes the guesswork out of inflating your boat or board. * The aluminum shaft, sturdy handle and tough polypropylene housing are built to withstand…



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K-Pump Pressure Gauge for Boston Valves - Item #80069.01
…mechanical air pressure gauge lets you accurately measure the psi in your inflatable to ensure best performance and help prevent a blowout. * The large, high-contrast display reads from 0-15 psi. * A ribbed rubber gauge case provides great impact protection and makes the gauge easy to handle,…



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NRS Pressure Gauge Adapter for Leafield Valves - Item #80009.01
The NRS Pressure Gauge Valve Adapter attaches to both the NRS Mechanical Pressure Gauge and Digital Pressure Gauge. It fits snugly in all Leafield valves and military valves. * This handy adapter makes accurately checking your boat's air pressure easier than ever.



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NRS Rodeo Split Stern Flotation - Item #50084.01
Short and narrow flotation bags fit on either side of the stern support pillar in today's short freestyle kayaks. Our Infinity series float bags are our most popular flotation bags. Stern float Bags are available as a pair or individually. * We use 10-gauge Urethane material which won't leak or…


$29.95 - $54.95

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NRS Split Kayak Flotation - Item #50080.01
Long and narrow flotation bags fit on either side of a kayak's center support pillar. The full set includes two bow bags and two stern bags. Bow bags fit forward of the foot area of most kayaks longer than 8'. * The Infinity series bags are a 10-gauge Urethane material that won't leak or delaminate!…


$26.95 - $99.95

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NRS Split Kayak Storage Flotation - Item #50082.01
Why fill the back of your kayak with bags full of air when you can use that space for precious cargo? Fill the stern bags with gear, seal the top and viola, your boat won't swamp and your gear stays dry! * Long, narrow flotation bags to fit on either side of a kayak's center support pillar. * The…


$39.95 - $119.95

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NRS Super Pump - Item #80016.01
…high-pressure pump that's perfect for today's drop-stitch inflatable stand up paddle and body boards. Inflates to 20 psi with ease. * Included pressure gauge takes the guesswork out of inflating your boat or board. * This low-volume, single-action, two-hand pump lets you inflate to pressures up to…



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NRS Wonder Pump 6 - Item #80010.01
…a single action mode, making it a bit easier to pump. * The white screw in the top of the handle enables you to attach an aftermarket pressure gauge. (Gauge not available from NRS) * 4" diameter x 18.5" high to the top of the handle with an 4.5" x 8" base. * The NRS Wonder 6 has a chamber volume of…



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NRS Big River Tube - Item #70005.01
…diameter, this baby will float uncle Bubba and his dog too! * Comfortable, rugged 840-denier nylon houses a 30-gauge PVC air bladder for outstanding durability. * Two air chambers provide an extra margin of safety in the event of a puncture. * The mesh floor provides support and convenience while…


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