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Aqua Seal

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Aquaseal Urethane Repair Kit - Item #33512.01

The Aquaseal® Urethane Repair Kit has all you need to repair gaskets and fabric, sprayskirts and all types of watersports gear. Repairs are waterproof, flexible, strong and highly abrasion resistant. * You get a 3/4 oz tube of Aquaseal Repair Adhesive & Sealant, 1/2 ounce of Cotol-240 Cure…


On Sale: $9.00 $11.25

Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case - Small 348 - Item #55306.03

…* Perfect for use with most Samsung Galaxy phones or larger phones that won't quite fit the Aquapac 108 Phone Case like the iPhone 6. * Airtight seal means your valuables will stay safe and dry if you drop them in the water. * Covered by Aquapac's three-year warranty against defects in worksmanship…


On Sale: $23.96 $29.95

Aquapac Keymaster - 608 - Item #55300.02

…hang it around your neck or lanyard it to your gear and off you go. * Guaranteed 100% waterproof to 30ft/10m - dust and sand-proof too. * Airtight seal means the Keymaster will float safely if you drop it in water. * Fits items 3.5"H x 6" Circumference. * All Aquapac waterproof cases are PVC-Free!…

On Sale: $17.56 $21.95

Aquapac Waterproof Camera Case - Mini 408 - Item #55322.02

…ultra-clear LENZFLEX material makes for quality photos shot through the case. * On the off chance you drop your camera in the water, the watertight seal assures the case will float. * Will fit cameras approximately 5" Long and 7.9" in circumference. * All Aquapac waterproof cases are PVC-Free.…


On Sale: $27.96 $34.95

Aquapac Large VHF Classic - 248 - Item #55318.02

…dust and sand * Use your handset normally in the case - sound passes straight through the case material while your radio remains safe. * Airtight seal means the radio will float safely if dropped in the water. * Suited for both left and right hand control. * Fits VHF radios that are 8.7" tall with…


On Sale: $30.36 $37.95

Aquapac Waterproof DSLR Camera Case - 458 - Item #55325.02

…* Top-notch photo quality through the optically-clear acrylic lens window. * 100% waterproof to 15ft/5m (dust and sand proof too). * An air tight seal means your camera should float safely if dropped in water. Be certain by testing in a sink before heading to open waters. * Designed to fit most SLR…


On Sale: $111.96 $139.95

Aquapac Small VHF Classic - 228 - Item #55319.02

…the urethane material. * Clear window on either side lets you easily read displays on radios with right or left mounted antennas. * Airtight seal means the radio will float safely in the water. * It fits a 7" tall body, up to 7.6" circumference, and up to an approximately 5" antenna. Approximately…


On Sale: $30.36 $37.95

Aquapac Waterproof iPad Case - 638 - Item #55338.01

…iPad Case - 638 protects from water, dust, dirt and sand. Boat, bath, pool or dust storm - keep on web surfing. * The patented Aquaclip® sealing system opens and closes with the simple twist of the levers and is guaranteed waterproof to a water depth of 15 feet (five meters)for secure peace…

On Sale: $47.96 $59.95

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