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Cataract Oar Blades 6 1/4" - Item #77300.01

Tough and buoyant, these blades do the job whether you're fishing or whitewater rafting. Heavy-duty structural polyurethane surrounds a lightweight composite core. The 6 1/4" Cataract blade has an optional tip protector (Item #77303.01, sold separately) for extra durability.



Carlisle Oar Blade 8" Outfitter - Item #75002.01

…Outfitter blades are constructed of tough, UV-resistant plastic with a full-length tempered aluminum spine for superior strength, and a strong insert to withstand aggressive boating. A push-button mechanism locks the blade securely to either a Carlisle or Cataract shaft. This Outfitter blade is 8"…



Werner Powerhouse Carbon Paddle - Bent 30 Degree - Item #75712.01

…in your wrists and arms. * Carbon fiber blade and shaft construction gives you the lightest swing weight while providing outstanding durability. * Larger blades are ideal for well-conditioned paddlers who love to run big rivers and creeks. * Balanced blade design is smooth and powerful from catch…


Oar Rights - Item #77412.01

Keeps your oar blade in the right position for full-power strokes. * The spline of the Oar Right fits between the horns of an open oarlock to "lock" your oar blade in position for the most effective stroke. * You can still feather the oar blade by simply tugging the oar in so the spline of the Oar…


$22.50 - $44.95

Sawyer Duramax Oar Blade - Item #77281.01

…Oar Blade can take the punishment of running swift rocky streams. The glass-filled polypropylene blade has a burly aluminum core for added strength. * Sawyer's threaded nylon button locks the blade's aluminum shank securely to the oar shaft. * Fiberglass added to the polypropylene blade material…



Cataract Cutthroat Oar Blade - Item #77317.01

…the beating if you do clip the rocky bottom. * Like all Cataract blades, the Cutthroat floats! * The grooved blade insert helps prevent grit buildup inside the oar shaft and makes removal easy. * The convenient push button locks the blade in the shaft and allows quick, no-tool interchangeability.



Carlisle K1 Standard Kayak Paddle Blade - Item #75007.01

Get a spare/replacement blade for the Carlisle K1 Standard Kayak Paddle.



Carlisle Oar Shaft - Item #77256.01

…plastic handles. * Blades are sold separately so that you can choose the width and brand that best suits your needs. The removable blades also permit easy storage and transport. * Shaft lengths are listed as the final length, which will include the approximately 27" long blade you choose (sold…


$64.95 - $119.95

Sawyer Smoker WW Oar Blade - Item #77288.01

With a blade profile that comes from the famed Sawyer Smoker Whitewater Oar, the WW Oar Blade sets the standard for tough and versatile performance. * Made of solid Northern White Ash for strength, flex and durability. * Comes standard with Dynel and Kevlar ProTip for added protection against rocks.…



Werner Powerhouse Paddle 30 Degree - Item #75668.01

…Full-size blades are evenly balanced for a clean, powerful catch and a strong, smooth stroke. * 30 degree blade offset balances solid bracing with reduced wind resistance. * Premium fiberglass blade and shaft construction provides lightweight responsiveness and durability. * Larger blades are ideal…



Cataract Oar Magnum Blade 7" - Item #77302.01

Now the blade insert has grooves along all edges making it is easier to remove the blade from shaft. Whether you're fishing or whitewater rafting, these buoyant blades are a welcome addition. Structural polyurethane coating around a lightweight composite core. 7" Magnum blade incorporates the…



Sawyer Square Top DyneLite Oar with Wrap & Stop - Item #77280.01

…square top down to the DyneLite™ Blade. The blade is not removable. * The carbon-fiber braid allows a smaller diameter, lighter shaft to have the strength of a much thicker, heavier oar. * A wood core and carbon fiber overlay give the DyneLite blade an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.…


$359.95 - $449.95

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