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NRS GigBob 2.0 Personal Fishing Watercraft - Item #84001.02

The grass isn't always greener on the other side, but the fishing is often better. The frameless, ingenious GigBob gives you the freedom to stalk the far bank, anytime, anywhere. Compact and easy to store, it will ride without complaint in the back of the pickup, or even the trunk of a car. It…



NRS Easy Access Tackle Bag - Item #84006.01

The gear you need close at hand is there at your finger tips. Clip it securely to the GigBob deck, open the parallel YKK zippers with a tug of the zipper loop and grab what you need. * This rugged bag is durable and keeps your gear close at hand. * Parallel YKK® zippers are easy to use and give…



Halfway to Halfway and Other River Stories Book - Item #65069.01

…and holes. Most who stay are held there by the wild beauty of the country they float through and the camaraderie of river people. * Dick Linford and Bob Volpert have both spent many years guiding on Western rivers. They know many great stories and great storytellers. * This collection, many funny,…


Cataract Mini Magnum Oar Blade - Item #77322.01

…* There's an o-ring on the spline that seals the blade to shaft for maximum buoyancy if your oar goes for an unplanned swim. * The blade itself floats so it will bob to the surface when you let go of the oar handle. * Spring-loaded button securely locks the blade in the Cataract Kick Boat Oar Shaft.


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