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Guide's Guide Augmented Book
Guide's Guide Augmented Book - Item #65075.01
The A to Z on becoming and perfecting the art of professional river running. Includes information from trip tips, company policies, first aid kits, and food planning guides. The Augmented edition has additional developments in the art of guiding, including signaling, safety, rescue, evacuation,…


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The Complete Whitewater Rafter Book
The Complete Whitewater Rafter Book - Item #65048.01
This book compiles information on oar and paddle techniques; equipment and accessories; hydrology and river reading; safety and rescue; camping and cookery; maintenance and repair; guidebooks and resources; where the jobs are; history; whitewater photography; and much, much more. Author: Jeff…



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Let it Rain Guide Book
Let it Rain Guide Book - Item #65027.01
…Hampshire, Maine, Newfoundland, Quebec and Ontario. * From the beginning boater to the Class V+ creeker, this book is sure to appeal to everyone. * This is the first English language guide book detailing the classic runs of Quebec. * Profusely illustrated with great photos. If you boat in the NE…



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River Runners Grand Canyon DVD
River Runners Grand Canyon DVD - Item #67023.01
The mother of all river adventures, the Grand Canyon! This DVD tells the story of the river and the people who love it. From Powell's first expedition to the present, all the history is here. Running Time: 124 Minutes Release Date: 2002 Number of Disks: 1 Film Location: Colorado River Studio: Don…



Soggy Sneakers - Oregon Rivers Book
Soggy Sneakers - Oregon Rivers Book - Item #65034.01
…runs deep in the wilderness. Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club members have run each and every one of Oregon's rivers and share their intimate knowledge in every page of this book. Author: Pete Giordano and the Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club Copyright: 2004 4th edition Size: 5.5" x 8.5" Pages: 383



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Wildwater DVD
Wildwater DVD - Item #67045.01
WildWater - A Shared Passion. An Extraordinary World. This is a whitewater journey of discovery, solitude and risk, into the places only river runners can go. Dazzling photography, great music. It's soul on film. * This is not your typical "whitewater porn" film. It's high production values attempt,…



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RiverMaps Colorado River in the Grand Canyon 5th Ed. Guide Book
RiverMaps Colorado River in the Grand Canyon 5th Ed. Guide Book - Item #66204.02
…for your trip down the Grand. It's durable and waterproof with USGS topo maps and excellent descriptions of river features. * This 5th Edition book covers the entire river, from the Lees Ferry launch site to the South Cove take out on Lake Mead. * Spiral-bound format with full-color topographical…



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Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide Book
Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide Book - Item #65051.01
Every emergency responder needs to have this field guide. This tough waterproof guide is made to fit in a pocket, a glove compartment or emergency response pack. This ultimate field reference to swiftwater rescue puts hard-won rescue knowledge into a practical on-the-spot reference for real people…



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Halfway to Halfway and Other River Stories Book
Halfway to Halfway and Other River Stories Book - Item #65069.01
Many of the best "river stories" don't even involve the whitewater. They're the crazy tales of outfitters, guides and guests that are spun around endless campfires. Halfway To Halfway captures the essence of the guide's life.* Prepare to be seduced by these tales, by and of, some of the quirkiest…


Whitewater Philosophy Book
Whitewater Philosophy Book - Item #65029.01
…you kayak, canoe or raft, you'll find content that gets you thinking. You may agree or disagree with him, but you won't fail to be challenged to think in new ways. * Rated one of the top five outdoor adventure books by Wall Street Journal. Author: Doug Ammons Copyright: 2009 Size: 6" x 9" Pages: 223



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The Laugh of the Water Nymph Book
The Laugh of the Water Nymph Book - Item #65022.01
The book, "The Laugh of the Water Nymph" contains 22 adventure stories from jungle rivers that disappear underground and cast off huge waterfalls, to glacial rivers running through the wilderness of northern Canada. There are 30 pages of wild and beautiful photographs with extremely high quality…



Z-Drag Rescue Crib Sheet
Z-Drag Rescue Crib Sheet - Item #45307.01
All the essential knots and boat retrieval techniques clearly illustrated and explained on durable waterproof paper that folds out. A great tool for clubs and schools as well as individual boaters. Information Included: Basic Z-drag 3:1 Vector Pull 2:1 Z+C 6:1 Double Z 9:1 Water Knot Double…



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Showing 1 - 12 of 82