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RiverMaps Colorado River in the Grand Canyon 5th Ed. Guide Book - Item #66204.02
…for your trip down the Grand. It's durable and waterproof with USGS topo maps and excellent descriptions of river features. * This 5th Edition book covers the entire river, from the Lees Ferry launch site to the South Cove take out on Lake Mead. * Spiral-bound format with full-color topographical…



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River Rescue 4th Edition Book - Item #65056.01
…That's why every boater should not leave home without having studied this authoritative and comprehensive manual for boaters of all levels. * This book is a must read for the weekend warrior or the hard-core pro and provides useful tools and techniques for self rescue and rescue by others. * Through…



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Wildwater DVD - Item #67045.01
WildWater - A Shared Passion. An Extraordinary World. This is a whitewater journey of discovery, solitude and risk, into the places only river runners can go. Dazzling photography, great music. It's soul on film. * This is not your typical "whitewater porn" film. It's high production values attempt,…



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RiverMaps Rogue River Guide Book - Item #66016.01
…guide covers permit requirements, shuttles, geology, natural history and more. * The spiral bound format makes it easy to turn pages and fold the book as needed. * High-quality waterproof paper can take the wet and will hold up for many trips on this great river stretch. Authors: Duwain Whitis and…


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Rogue River Guide Book - Item #66010.01
…of over 60 side hikes, including the Rogue River Trail. * Extensive historical details and geologic facts are sprinkled throughout the book. * The book is printed on quality waterproof paper with inks that will not rub or peel off. And it floats! * Whether you're rafting, kayaking, jetboating…



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NRS HydroLock Mapcessory Map Case - Item #55026.01
…with ease. Just fold your map to the right section, seal it inside, secure it to your boat, and go! * Four sizes to accommodate most maps, charts or books, as well as essentials such as wallets, snacks and a warm hat. * The HydroLock zip seal provides a totally waterproof closure. * A clear urethane…


$13.95 - $29.95

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Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp - Item #71640.01
…housing. * With the batteries, the Fuel weighs a mere 2.75 ounces! * The mounting bracket adjusts up or down to let you direct the light where you need it - from the distance, to the book in your lap. * The comfortable elastic head band holds the light firmly in place and easily adjusts to length.



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The Complete Whitewater Rafter Book - Item #65048.01
This book compiles information on oar and paddle techniques; equipment and accessories; hydrology and river reading; safety and rescue; camping and cookery; maintenance and repair; guidebooks and resources; where the jobs are; history; whitewater photography; and much, much more. Author: Jeff…



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Merciless Eden Book - Item #67052.01
…River. * If you've floated down the Main Salmon River you've seen Campbell's Ferry on the river maps, and you may have stopped for a visit. * The book reveals the history of Campbell's Ferry and the true story behind its most famous resident, Frances Zaunmiller. * It also covers the history of the…


Halfway to Halfway and Other River Stories Book - Item #65069.01
Many of the best "river stories" don't even involve the whitewater. They're the crazy tales of outfitters, guides and guests that are spun around endless campfires. Halfway To Halfway captures the essence of the guide's life.* Prepare to be seduced by these tales, by and of, some of the quirkiest…


The Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook - Item #65021.01
…the finest in gourmet camp cooking. * These recipes are river tested, the same ones Rocky guides are serving on multiday wilderness trips. * The book also has sections on the care and use of Dutch ovens, cooking tips, leave no trace camping, waste disposal and food transportation safety. * This…



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Frontier DVD - Item #67047.01
Following the success of 2010's award winning DVD "Dream Result," River Roots returns with the new kayaking DVD "Frontier." This paddling film follows the same crew to new rivers across the planet. * Incredible footage of extreme whitewater kayaking. Playboating, river running, waterfall hucking --…



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