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Camp Cooking: Eating Well in the Wild Book - Item #65045.01

Whether you're rafting, canoeing, sea kayaking or backpacking, Camp Cooking: Eating Well in the Wild: Eating Well in the Wild, will give you great food planning, packing and preparing tips. And delicious recipes too! * Written by wilderness guides, with over 50 years of combined experience feeding…


RiverMaps Colorado River in the Grand Canyon 5th Ed. Guide Book - Item #66204.02

…for your trip down the Grand. It's durable and waterproof with USGS topo maps and excellent descriptions of river features. * This 5th Edition book covers the entire river, from the Lees Ferry launch site to the South Cove take out on Lake Mead. * Spiral-bound format with full-color topographical…



Camp Cooking WITHOUT Coolers II Book - Item #65068.01

Have you dreamed about going lightweight, without having to worry about the ice running out? Wake up! Camp Cooking Without Coolers II gives you all the recipes and tips to kick the cooler habit. * Lacey Anderson has guided rafters and backpackers all over the West and in Mexico. This wealth of…



Day Hikes from the River 4th Ed. Book - Item #65038.01

…This book gives you detailed descriptions on where the hike starts from the river, various routes, landmarks, degrees of difficulty, etc. * Each hike area is accompanied by a topo map with the routes marked. * The hike descriptions are as easy to follow as a cookbook. * Paper used in the book is not…



Guide's Guide Augmented Book - Item #65075.01

The A to Z on becoming and perfecting the art of professional river running. Includes information from trip tips, company policies, first aid kits, and food planning guides. The Augmented edition has additional developments in the art of guiding, including signaling, safety, rescue, evacuation,…


Dr. Ben's Rolling Elixir DVD - Item #67011.01

Dr. Ben's New & Improved Rolling Elixir DVD is a great detailed instructional video that will help you conquer and perfect your roll. With over 30 years of paddling experience, Ben Lawry will troubleshoot common rolling mistakes that people struggle with when working on their roll. Mix detailed…



The Kayak Roll DVD - Item #67032.01

The Kayak Roll demonstrates and explains a smooth and effortless roll. This two-part instructional is designed for every skill level, from beginner to teacher. * The progression section presents a step by step learning experience, enabling you to learn an effortless roll from scratch. * The…


Wildwater Blu-Ray - Item #67046.01

WildWater - A Shared Passion. An Extraordinary World. This is a whitewater journey of discovery, solitude and risk, into the places only river runners can go. Dazzling photography, great music. It's soul on film. * This is not your typical "whitewater porn" film. It's high production values attempt,…



Whitewater of the Southern Appalachians Volume 1 The Plateau Book - Item #65072.01

…Plateau. * The author, Kirk Eddlemon, and a dedicated group of fellow kayakers, have spent years exploring the many streams of the region. * The book covers the well-known classic runs, as well as dozens of little-known jewels. * Each chapter, covering a drainage, includes a detailed map showing…


Swiftwater Rescue Book - 2nd Edition - Item #65052.02

Slim Ray's classic Swiftwater Rescue Book serves as a truly comprehensive training manual for the rescue community. This 2nd Edition updates the original book with the latest techniques and equipment. * Firefighters, guides, park rangers, search and rescue squad members, EMS administrators, and…


Alaska River Guide Book - Item #65031.01

…population. * Alaska's Rivers are separated by cardinal reagion in this book. Travel to the Delta River in the Yukon Region or the Stikine in the Southeast for instance. Over 80 rivers and creeks are covered in this book. * Each river highlighted includes information on put-in and take-out points…


Anything Worth Doing Book - Item #67050.01

Jo Deurbrouck's book, Anything Worth Doing, is a classic whitewater tale. It's a true story of the friendship of two veteran river guides and their decade-long pursuit of adventure that ended in tragedy. Winner of a 2012 National Outdoor Book Award! * Jo Deurbrouck is a gifted writer and meticulous…


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