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Bow Rope Bag

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Informational: Beginners Guide to Kayak Terminology

Bags: The inflated air-bags made to be inserted into the bow and stern of a kayak. When the boat fills up with water the float bags occupy some of the inner volume. So instead of pulling 45 gallons (360 pounds) of water to shore, your burden is reduced by the volume of the bags. Note: Float bags do…

Informational: Outfitting Your Touring Kayak

…salami at lunch and left it in the food bag, it won’t do you any good in an emergency. A paddle leash can prevent loss of your paddle during a wet exit. Taking a spare paddle is also a good idea, especially when you’re on a longer trip. A tow rope system is a good thing to have along for…

Informational: A Paddler's Dictionary

…keys!” Tandem - A two-person canoe or kayak. Sometimes called a divorce boat. Throw rope – aka throwbag. Floating rope in a throw-able bag used for rescue. Since it is difficult to throw a rope to yourself, you better hope your friends carry one too. For that reason they make ideal…

Informational: Basic Terminology for Raft & Cataraft Features and Accessories

…Bow-Line: Use a bow-line bag full of rope to secure your boat to shore so you can save your rescue rope for emergencies. Thwart Bag: A convenient storage bag at your finger tips. Secures with straps around a thwart. This thwart bag has a mesh bottom for drainage. Rescue Bag: An absolute necessity on…

Informational: Clyde's 2006 Grand Canyon Blog

…bed. Dave has devised a good system of cantilevering the sunshower bags out to the edge of the water with oars and rope. The rule in the Canyon is all soap goes into the main stream. Tonight they found a spot to hang the bags off a tree limb over a rock in the river. Dinner was good and yes, smores…

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