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Bow Strap

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Yakima SUP Brah Nose/Tail Tie-Down Kit - Item #62603.01

…your board. Then the front and rear tiedown straps connect the harness to vehicle frame with strong S-hooks for a solid fore and aft anchoring system. * Heavy-duty metal cam buckles and strong nylon webbing straps ensure dependability. * Protective strap sleeves and rubber buckle housings guard your…

On Sale: $24.00 $30.00

NRS J-Hook Tie-Down Straps - Item #60008.01

NRS J-Hook Straps are ideal for a multitude of tie-down applications. Since there are two sets they're great for boat bow and stern security on a roof rack, or to lash down loads on a trailer. * Our high-tenacity polypropylene webbing has a lashing capacity of 1,100 pounds for worry-free gear…


$12.92 - $17.24

Yakima Bow/Stern Tie Down - Item #62573.01

…beyond the windshield, secure the bow and stern. For a safe and secure load, you can't beat Yakima's Bow/Stern Tie Downs. * The most important feature of these straps is that they securely fasten your boat to your car. * An easy to use ratchet system makes the straps a snap to tighten. * Corrosion…


On Sale: $31.20 $39.00

Yakima BowDown Kayak Rack - Item #62572.01

…and reduce wind whistle. * Padded hull guards prevent damage to your boat. * Fits round, square, and most factory crossbars out of the box (fit list on carton). * Locks to crossbar using SKS locking system (lock cores sold separately). * The BowDown comes with heavy duty straps to secure your boat.


On Sale: $167.20 $209.00

NRS Whitewater Kayak Sherpa - Item #50019.01

…webbing straps that clip around the boat give you great versatility for attaching your kayak to the pack. * Leaves your hands free for carrying other gear, for balancing, or for holding onto a bow strap for longer boats. * When you get to the water, stow the Sherpa behind your seat or up in the bow.


On Sale: $63.60 $79.50

Deluxe Canoe Car Rack Kit - Item #63102.01

…non-skid surface. * Then attach the 14' J-hook Straps to the bow and stern of the boat and affix them to the front and rear of the vehicle. The strap has 3' 4" of webbing on the buckle side and 14' of webbing on the tail section. * Two 15-foot padded straps provide secure center tie down support. *…


On Sale: $57.56 $71.95

NRS Frame Casting Platform For Front Thigh Hook - Item #93043.03

…frame-pipe support extends past the front of the platform, allowing you to attach your NRS Front Thigh Hook, Item # 93026.02. You can also run an NRS strap from the pipe to a raft D-ring for extra support. * The roomy marine-grade Quad-Grip plywood deck provides solid footing, even when it's wet. *…

On Sale: $196.00 $245.00

Deluxe Kayak Car Rack Kit - Item #63101.01

…blocks with 9-foot padded straps. You can then pop them on factory rack load bars or set the blocks directly on the vehicle roof. * Then attach the 14' J-hook Straps to the bow and stern of the boat and affix them to the front and rear of the vehicle. * A 15-foot padded strap provides secure center…


On Sale: $57.56 $71.95

Yakima Hood Anchor - Item #62647.01

…secure attachment point at your hatch, trunk or hood for bow and stern tie downs. The Hood Anchor is a quick and easy solution for transporting your sea kayak, canoe, SUP or surf board. * Designed to withstand highway speeds. * Durable coated strap protects your vehicle's paint job. * Simply put the…

On Sale: $15.20 $19.00

Yakima HullyRoller - Item #62546.01

…HullyRollers on the back of your car's roof rack, you can easily position your kayak on your car top, even by yourself. When the boat is in place, strap it down securely right to the HullyRollers. (You'll need either a second set of HullyRollers, or other saddle mounts such as the Mako Saddles (sold…


On Sale: $87.20 $109.00

Yakima JayHook Kayak Rack - Item #62638.01

…(36.2 kg). * Side-loading J cradles are secure, stable, and easy to load. * Durable, padded contact points provide extra protection and grip on your boat while traveling. * The JayHook will attach to any universal crossbar. * Includes two J cradles, two HeavyDuty straps. two Bow/Stern tie-downs.

On Sale: $119.20 $149.00

Tributary Tomcat Solo Inflatable Kayak - Item #87120.03

…upright for a quick reentry. * 12 pairs of cargo loops for easy attachment of dry bags, thigh straps and other gear and accessories. * Sturdy handles at bow and stern for an easy carry. * D-rings on bow and stern for attaching gear or tethering to shore. * Repair kit included. * One-year warranty



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