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Werner Kayak Footbraces - Item #50075.01
Install these footbraces in your kayak for a strong, adjustable foot system. * Sturdy aluminum foot peg track provides 16 peg positions for 12" of adjustability. * Simple locking system is easy to move forward and back with one hand. * Grooves in the track prevent sand and other debris from jamming…



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NRS U-Shaped Thigh Bar - Item #93023.02
Made with 1-5/8" anodized aluminum the U-Shaped Thigh Bar helps you keep your balance when hooking that monster fish. Attaches on both sides directly to a seat bar, raised seat bar, or a cross bar. The U-Shape design adds support and decreases fishing line entanglement. * The heart of the NRS frame…


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NRS Inflatable Kayak Thigh Straps - Item #50099.01
NRS' adjustable thigh straps for inflatable kayaks give you the added control and security you need in whitewater. * A simple strap loop, that is plenty long enough to attach to the self bailers in case you don't have D-rings, along with bomb proof cam buckles make attaching thigh straps to your…



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Bracing Clinic "The Art of Staying Upright" DVD - Item #67029.01
…the bottom as a back up when you miss a brace. * You learn all the different types of braces and how to execute them in different boating environments. * Wayne also stresses proper techniques that minimize the risk of injury to shoulder and wrist. * Bracing is an essential skill for avoiding capsize…



Padz Canoe Toe Block - Item #50048.01
Toe blocks act as a stop to brace against when canoeing. Sold as a pair.



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NRS MaverIK Kayak Foot Braces - Item #37318.01
Add these foot braces to your Pennel Orca® IK for added stability and balance. Comes with 4 Pennel Orca® patches for installation.



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Werner Rudder/Touring Footbraces - Item #50074.01
Adjustable foot pegs that can attach to your touring kayak's rudder system. * Aluminum inner rail slides smoothly through outer plastic track for easy rudder control. * Sturdy foot peg track provides 16 peg positions for 12" of adjustability. * Simple locking system is easy to move forward and back…



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AIRE PVC Footcups - Item #37314.01
Dig in and hold on. AIRE PVC Footcups make sure you have good foot hold on those steep and deep drops. Color: Grey



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AIRE Inflatable Kayak Foot Pegs - Item #37316.01
Foot Pegs, paired with Thigh Straps, really secure your position in the IK, providing leverage for extra control and more powerful paddling. * These AIRE pegs are a great add-on for more stability and comfort. * No adhesive is required for installation. Check out the installation instructions, found…



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Recreational Kayaking - Skills and Safety DVD - Item #67014.01
…paddles and more to allow you to make the best equipment choices. * Learn on the water safety skills including rescue basics, wet exits, high brace and low brace techniques and the importance of proper clothing. * This video also teaches techniques for launching and landing, re-entry and essential…


NRS Deluxe Foot Bar - Item #90005.02
The deluxe foot bar adds crucial foot pegs to the foot bar for superior bracing. These adjustable pegs allow a rower to lock his toes under the pegs while bracing with their forefoot on the drop bar. * Add this to any NRS Crossbar (sold separately). * The heart of the NRS frame system, the…


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Tributary 9.5 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #87103.02
…boat. Or you can leave the thwart out and install a small rowing frame. * An optional second adjustable thwart can be added for more support, or to brace a third paddler in the stern. * Full diameter tube throughout the boat, along with 7 piece ends creates a more efficient raft by allowing the bow…


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