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Breakdown Paddle

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Carlisle Take-Apart Standard Kayak Paddle - Item #75006.01
…match up with powerful blades. The take-apart model breaks down easily for transport. With externally reinforced push-button joints, these paddles also lock securely in either right or left hand control positions. This economical paddles' intended use is for inflatable and recreational kayaks.



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Werner Player 4 Piece Paddle 30 Degree - Item #75701.01
…and responsiveness. * The four-piece Player makes a great spare paddle that will fit in the back of most kayaks. * 30 degree blade offset significantlly reduces wind resistance on the forward stroke for more efficient paddling. * Premium fiberglass blade and shaft construction provides lightweight…


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Werner Fiji 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle - Item #75901.01
…lengths, in 1-1/2" increments. A total 7.5" of adjustment. * Werner's ABS palm-style grip ensures a comfortable, secure grip and controlled, powerful strokes. * For surf paddling, choose a paddle 8" longer than your height. * For touring/cruising, choose a paddle 10" longer than your height.



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Canoeing - The Essential Skills and Safety - Book - Item #65028.01
…You will learn about: * The essential equipment and how to choose it. * Essential strokes and techniques. * Offside and advanced strokes. * How to paddle tandem and solo canoes. * Capsize recovery methods and safety issues. * This book comes with detailed, step by step instructions, illustrated in…


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Canoeing with Andrew Westwood DVD - Item #67012.01
…day trips around local lakes and slowmoving rivers, overnight trips, or expeditions, seasoned instructo Andrew Westwood's thoughtful and clear breakdown of canoeing principles, skills, and techniques make this DVD a must-have for solo and tandem paddlers interested in maximizing their enjoyment of…


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