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Bungee Cord - Item #45007.01
Add or replace existing kayak deck rigging with this bungee cord. Sold by the foot with three sizes to choose from. Sold by the foot or in spools of 500'.


$0.25 - $175.00

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NRS Stripping Apron - Closeout - Item #84003.01
There's nothing worse than having stripped line piled in your lap, snagging on every button, zipper and pocket. The NRS Stripping Apron gives you a surface for your fly line while fishing from your GigBob. * Smooth working surface insures a no-snag stripping surface. * Clip the Apron across your lap…


On Sale: $18.95 $26.95

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K-Pump 5" Bungee - Item #80081.01
Use the K-Pump Bungee to secure your pump to just about anything. This 5" bungee will fit around all the K-Pumps we sell.


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NRS Bungee Paddle Leash - Item #50001.01
Don't lose your paddle during that unexpected wet exit. Hook-and-loop closures secure one end to your paddle and the other to your hand or deck rigging. 3' long, 3 mm shock cord with swivel. This product is not intended for use in whitewater applications due to possible entanglement in swift water.



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NRS Pro Kayak Tow Line - Item #50003.01
…rope is slightly stretchy and serves as a shock absorber when towing. This model does not have a section of bungee cord in the line. Please choose the NRS Kayak Tow Line if you prefer a bungee shock absorber. * The tow line is worn securely around the waist with an adjustable quick release buckle. *…



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Snap Dragon Glacier Trek Sprayskirt - Item #52554.01
…a neoprene deck for tautness and superior water shedding, the Glacier deck is for you. Constructed of 4-way-stretch neoprene with a shock-cord bungee that makes it easy to fit your cockpit. Nylon tunnel for greater adjustability and ventilation. The Glacier fits your waist with a neoprene chest…



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NRS Zippered Mesh Cockpit Cover - Item #52503.01
Store your gear securely inside your boat while you're traveling, or keep varmints out during the off season. A durable, adjustable bungee cord for a custom fit on most kayaks. Made of DuraMesh, a heavy-duty mesh with 5/32" openings, that allows wet gear to dry while keeping unwanted debris out.…



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NRS Deluxe Cockpit Cover - Item #52501.02
…resistance to save money while you travel. * A durable, adjustable bungee cord gives a custom fit on most kayaks. * This economical cover is constructed of quality nylon and will last for years to come. * 2" of raw neoprene surround the adjustable bungee giving you lots of grip for a secure fit.



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NRS Kayak Tow Line - Item #50002.01
…rope with a foam float and heavy-duty plastic clip for easy attachment. * The rope is attached to the bungee cord with a stainless metal ring to ease towing over high seas. * The bungee is secured to the waist band with a stainless metal ring and heavy duty nylon webbing. * A sturdy nylon…



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NRS Nylon Cockpit Cover - Item #52504.01
…or keep varmints out during the off season. It also reduces wind resistance to help you save money while you travel. A durable, adjustable bungee cord for a custom fit on most kayaks. The NRS Nylon Cover is easy to fit and keeps a great seal. This economical cover is constructed of quality…



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Brunton 58 Kayak Compass - Item #50066.01
…direct reading disk is easy to read in all light conditions. * This excellent compass clips to your deck rigging with four easy clip elastic bungee cords. * Removes quickly when you get ready to transport your kayak. * 10-degree graduations for precise on-the-water navigation. * Don't venture out…



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NRS Catalina Sprayskirt - Item #52555.02
…nylon oxford with factory taped seams. The deck fits onto your boat with an adjustable shock cord bungee in a GripCote™ sleeve that adheres tightly to the cockpit rim. Adjustable waist bungee on the tunnel ensures a universal fit. This skirt also features two grab loops, one in front and…



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