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C7 Adapter

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Leafield C7 Valve Adapter - Item #38523.01

…A quick twist seals the Leafield C7 Valve Adapter to your boat's Leafield C7 Valve for easy solo inflation with zero leakage. * This adapter is especially helpful with high-pressure drop-stitch inflatables. * The threaded male end screws into your Leafield C7 Valve, sealing the O-ring for an…



NRS Super Pump - Item #80016.02

…Leafield C7 Valve Adapter (# 38523.01) that locks into the valve securely, even at high pressures. * Also included is a valve adapter that will lock into Halkey-Roberts New Short Valves and Summit 2 Valves. To install it, loosen the hose clamp and remove the C7 Adapter. Insert this alternate adapter



NRS Super Pump Replacement Hose - Item #80099.02

Replacement hose for the NRS Super Pump. * Includes C7 Leafield valve adapter. * This hose fits the version of the Super Pump with the pressure gauge mounted in the top of the handle and the blue-colored pump cylinder. It does not fit in the earlier version of the Super Pump that has a gray-colored…


Bravo High-Pressure 12 Volt Pump - Item #80027.01

…with the built-in 0-15 psi gauge. * 9 foot long battery cables and 6 foot air hose gives you good reach. * Eight valve adapters, including one specifically for the Leafield C7, links up to most common valves. * Pump, cables and hose fit in a handy zipper carry case, with shoulder strap. Never…



NRS Earl 6 Inflatable SUP Board - Closeout - Item #86098.03

…foam deck pad gives you a non-slip surface for excellent riding control. * Nylon fins flex to absorb impacts without breaking. * Top-quality Leafield C7 inflation/deflation valve for unsurpassed reliability. * Sturdy webbing handle in the center of the board for easy carrying. * Two webbing handles…


On Sale: $896.25 $1195.00

NRS Czar 6 Inflatable SUP Board - Closeout - Item #86106.03

…Removable, interchangeable fins let you customize your board for tracking and turning to suit the water you're riding. * A top-quality Leafield™ C7 valve ensures trouble free inflation and deflation. * A wide webbing strap in the center of the board makes a convenient carry handle. * Six…


On Sale: $896.25 $1195.00

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