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GSI Gourmet Kitchen 11 Tool Set - Item #70223.01

Kitchen 11 Tool Set gives you all the tools you need for great camp cooking in a compact, easy-packing kit. No more hunting around for that missing spatula! * The whole kits stays clean and organized in an attractive ballistic nylon carry case. * You get a spoon, spatula, whisk, cutting board, camp



Eddy Out Kitchen Dry Box - Item #55085.01

The Eddy Out Kitchen Dry Box is designed to protect your supplies and give you a handy kitchen counter at camp or on the beach. Included legs store inside the box during transport. * Constructed of premium aluminum with folding carry handles, continuous "piano-hinge" style lid hinge and…



Camp Cooking WITHOUT Coolers II Book - Item #65068.01

…breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinner and dessert, with vegetarian options. * Anderson also includes kitchen organization ideas and tips for low-impact, environmentally-responsible camping. * Perfect for the rafter, kayaker, sea kayaker and canoeist who wants good food that doesn't need refrigeration…



NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box - Item #55083.01

…NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box is the little brother of the NRS Canyon Box. This light, affordable plastic dry box will keep your stuff dry and protected on your boat, in camp, and on the road. * About the size of medium ice chest, this box is great for storing your camp kitchen equipment, groceries,…



CGear Sand-Free Multimats - Item #71422.01

…comfort and convenience. A great tent porch or camp kitchen mat. * Keep sand and dirt out of your tent, trailer, bathing suit and picnic fixings with this one-of-a-kind sand-free ground cloth. * This is the perfect ground cloth to place in your camp kitchen area. Sand filters right through it, but…


$29.95 - $129.95

GSI Dutch Oven Stand - Item #70952.01

The only thing better than hot food on a camp out is lots of hot food on a camp out! Use GSI's Dutch Oven Stand to give stable footing when stacking multiple dutch ovens together or in the coals by itself.



GSI Anodized 14" Aluminum Dutch Oven - Item #70949.01

Dutch oven cooking is the pinnacle of fine camp cuisine. The high-capacity GSI Hard Anodized Aluminum 14" Dutch Oven provides lightweight, rust-free outdoor cooking performance. * High-performance, non-reactive, hard-anodized aluminum construction provides exceptional efficiency and uniformity. *…


GSI 10" Aluminum Dutch Oven - Item #70950.01

The GSI 10" Aluminum Dutch Oven is lightweight, rust-proof and easy to clean. Every camper knows that food just tastes better at camp. * Highly-conductive aluminum construction for excellent heat distribution, durability and performance. * Cast aluminum is rust free, easy to clean and weighs 66%…



GSI Dutch Oven Lid Lifter - Item #70953.01

We learn young in life that touching hot things is a good way to get burned. Save yourself some scorched fingers with GSI's Dutch Oven Lid Lifter. Pick up the DO with it too. Tasty food, no blisters! * This 13" lid lifter keeps your fingers a safe distance from coals and hot metal. * Steel…



GSI 12" Aluminum Dutch Oven - Item #70951.01

The 5 quart GSI 12" Aluminum Dutch Oven weighs one-third less than a traditional cast iron oven plus is rust-proof. Lightweight, easy to clean, it doesn't get much better than this. * Highly-conductive aluminum construction for excellent heat distribution, durability and performance. * Cast aluminum…



NRS Roll-A-Table Drybag - Item #55039.01

A durable, functional bag, the Roll-A-Table Dry Bag is extra long for plenty of room to fit that camp kitchen essential. * The heavy-duty PVC construction combined with welded seams result in a rugged, waterproof bag that will keep your gear dry and withstand the seasonal use and abuse. * Designed…



Primus CampFire Cook Set Small - Item #71797.01

The durable 18/8 stainless steel Primus CampFire small cook set is an essential addition to your camp kitchen. * The small set consists of a 1 liter pot, a 1.8 liter pot, and an 8 1/4" frying pan. * Both pot lids with integrated colanders make draining noodles and veggies easy without adding to the…


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