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ENO Twilights LED Lights - Item #70220.01
…or to spell out HELP in an emergency. * Of course, fun needs no justification. * The white bulb model casts a bright, steady light. It's great for lighting up the camp table or tent. * Add color to your campsite with the blue/green and red yellow models. Mix and match the three models for a festive…


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Primus Polaris Power Lantern - Item #71713.01
…other electronic goodies. The outdoors just got more friendly. * Choose from five different light levels for the precise illumination you need. * Four D-cell batteries give you up to 450 hours of light. * The USB port lets you easily recharge your cell phone or other electronic devices. * You can…


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NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box - Item #55083.01
The NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box is the little brother of the NRS Canyon Box. This light, affordable plastic dry box will keep your stuff dry and protected on your boat, in camp, and on the road. * About the size of medium ice chest, this box is great for storing your camp kitchen equipment,…



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Outhouse & Toilet Paper Party Lights - Item #70202.01
You're guaranteed to bring forth smiles with your Outhouse & T.P. Party Lights! Decorate inside and outside with these weatherproof wonders. Laughter's the best medicine; this is a good prescription. * It's a 12' 5" string of fun, alternating "little house with the crescent moon on the door" with…



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Canoe & Life Jacket Party Lights - Item #70205.01
Indoors or outdoors, these Canoe & Life Jacket Party Lights give a fun and festive glow to your next party. * You get 12 feet of lights per string, with five canoes and five PFDs. * End to end connectivity for trouble free service. * Good for indoor or outdoor use.



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Ultra-Light Paddler Medical Kit - Item #45228.02
…Medical Kit. * Features first aid supplies, gear repair, and survival items for your day trips. * Includes waterproof, windproof "Storm" matches that light anywhere, whatever the weather! * Duct tape for multi-purpose repairs and a comprehensive first aid package that will keep you fixed up and on…



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Black Diamond Voyager Lantern - Item #71665.01
…the Black Diamond Voyager Lantern provides ultra-versatile lighting for any kind of camping. * A 3-watt DoublePower LED bulb enclosed in the frosted lantern globe casts a bright 360-degree, 75-lumen light to illuminate all your camp tasks. * A 3-watt DoublePower LED bulb in the base of this…

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Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp - Item #71663.01
…70-lumen light output, the Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp efficiently powers your camping and boating adventures. Distance, area and night vision modes. * One DoublePower LED, two SinglePower white LEDs and one SinglePower red LED provide multi-mode versatility for all your outdoor lighting needs. *…

On Sale: $23.95 $29.95

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Black Diamond Spot Headlamp - Item #71662.01
The versatile Black Diamond Spot Headlamp is the light to have when you can only have one. This 130-lumen lamp features multiple modes so you can adapt to any situation. * Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night vision and lock-off. * One…

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Pelican SabreLite 2000 Flashlight - Item #71700.01
A no-nonsense, tough search and rescue light. Submersible to 1 meter, the SabreLite™ 2000 has more failsafe features than any flashlight made. * This powerful flashlight was designed with one thing in mind: safety. It carries a variety of approvals, allowing safe use in many different…

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Black Diamond Apollo Lantern - Item #71664.01
…boat-in camps on the beach and car camping at the put-in, the Black Diamond Apollo Lantern puts out 80 lumens of bright, ambient, non-glaring light. * The Apollo Lantern's DoublePower LED, dual-reflector system and frosted globe crank out a bright, warm glow to light up your camp. * This…

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Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp - Item #71644.01
…will light up your outdoor world. The 3-watt MaxBright LED will shine a spotlight beam up to 180 feet away and the four UltraBright LEDs will cast a steady wide beam or flashing light out as far as 75 feet. All this power in a 10-oz. package that squeezes 72 to 200 (average 150) hours of light out…


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