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Canoe Foam

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Padz Canoe Flat Knee Pads - Item #50049.01
Self-adhesive flat knee pad that can be shaped for a custom fit. Sold in pairs. For additional adhesion use H2 Glue (item# 1900).



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NRS Universal Canoe Blocks - Item #63103.01
Use the NRS Universal Foam Canoe Blocks (set of 4) to protect your canoe and the top of your vehicle during transport. * Durable minicell foam cushions your boat and protects your vehicle. * The slot in the foam blocks can pop onto the canoe gunwales (two per side). Then the flat non-skid surface is…



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Deluxe Canoe Car Rack Kit - Item #63102.01
Canoe Car Rack Kit is a simple, effective system for transporting your boat to and from the water. The non-skid foam blocks protect your canoe and vehicle roof. You can be rigged and ready to go in a snap. * Durable mini cell foam cushions your boat and protects your vehicle. * The slot in the foam



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NRS Seat Pad - Soft - Item #50056.01
…Seat Pad. This kayak-outfitting essential seamlessly blends softer conforming foam with support and economy. The seat pad raises you to an active, slightly-forward posture that increases your control. Simply peel the backing off the Seat Pad to install in your kayak's cockpit or canoe seat bench.



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Astral YTV PFD - Item #40088.01
…stays securely in place if you go for that unplanned swim. * The Zero Lift™ foam platform holds the jacket snugly to your upper torso to prevent ride up. * The YTV uses a combination of PE and Gaia® foams for comfortable and earth-friendly flotation. * Six adjustment points ensure a custom…



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Werner Compulsion Outrigger Paddle - Item #75900.01
…quiet. * This Performance Core design offers smooth buoyant strokes so lightweight you'll want to keep paddling long after the finish line. * The foam core, with carbon-weave exterior, makes for a light, yet burly, paddle blade. * Mid-size tear drop shaped blades offer gentle power and a smooth easy…



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Minicell Foam - Item #37977.01
canoe or kayak with Minicell closed cell foam. 3" thick, 12" wide, it's light, easy to cut, shape and glue. Sold up to four feet long in one-foot increments. Glue in with H2Glue. We fold the foam for shipping. Please specify in the Shipping Comments section during checkout if you would like the foam


$14.95 - $59.80

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Padz Canoe Toe Block - Item #50048.01
Toe blocks act as a stop to brace against when canoeing. Sold as a pair.



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Padz Canoe Contoured Knee Pads - Item #50046.01
Self-adhesive closed mini-cell knee pads for canoes and C-1 boats. Can be further shaped using the supplied sandpaper. Sold in pairs. Dimensions: Width: 6" Length: 6 3/4"



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Crazy Creek Canoe Chair - Item #71405.01
The original portable travel chair. Durable coated pack cloth for years of maintenance-free seating. Closed-cell foam provides the padding. The Canoe Chair sports additional padding in the seat for comfort all day in your canoe. Two quick-release straps keep your chair secured to your seat.


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Padz Canoe Pedestal 6" - Item #50045.01
Plush kits for whitewater canoes. This canoe pedestal provides a kneeling canoe seat for your whitewater adventures. Simply shape with sand paper until comfortable. Glue pedestal in place with H2Glue.



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Padz Canoe Foot Support Pads - Item #50047.01
For comfort while paddling in the kneeling position. Mini cell foam with a tapered shape provides support and cushion for the foot and ankle. Sold in pairs. Easy peel and stick installation. Includes a 2 1/2" x 4" piece of 100-grit sandpaper for shaping.



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