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Cargo Platform

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NRS Raft Cargo Platform - Item #81102.01

The NRS Cargo Platform keeps your gear off the floor of your raft and drier. Heavy-duty mesh material allows water to quickly drain through. * Whether you have a self-bailing or standard floor, the Cargo Platform is an excellent component to help keep your gear drier and protect the floor from…


$49.95 - $64.95

NRS Lower Cat Rail Spreader Bar - Item #93001.01

To keep your NRS Cat Cargo Floor taut, use the NRS Spreader Bar. Weight on the Cargo Floor causes the lower side rails to bow slightly and the floor to sag. The Spreader Bar prevents that bowing and helps keep the floor "trampoline tight". The Spreader Bar attaches to the lower side rails with…



NRS Campsite Counter - Item #71440.01

…NRS Campsite Counter is the perfect table for food prep, cooking and dish washing. In the morning, strap it on the frame for a bench seat or cargo platform. * Marine-grade plywood top is covered in a smooth-ripple textured plastic laminate that is very abrasion resistant and cleans up great. *…


Yakima Dry Dock Rack - Item #62565.02

…long cargo securely over your truck's bed. Combine the Dry Dock with cab-top roof racks or the Outdoorsman 300. This newer version of the Dry Dock features a tilting mast that gives you easy access to your tailgate. * The Dry Dock mounts to your 2" receiver hitch to provide a stable platform that…



NRS Cat Fish Frame - 72"W x 120"L - Item #92061.04

…fishing platform and extra internal width for coolers, dry boxes and gear. * There is 37" between the lower side rails. * The 120" frame length provides plenty of room for adding coolers, dry boxes and overnight gear, or extra anglers. * Customize your Cat Fish Frame with Aluminum and mesh Cargo


NRS Bighorn II Raft Frame - Item #92003.04

With room for both a cooler and a dry box, the NRS Bighorn II Raft Frame gives you plenty of cargo space for multi-day expeditions. Configure the frame to best suit your needs, rig it up and set out on your first or fortieth extended overnighter. * We stock the Bighorn II in two lengths. 82" and 88"…


NRS Cat Fish Frame - 66"W x 120"L - Item #92060.04

…agility and stability, whether transporting passengers and gear or sport boating, and fishing is no exception. Catarafts make great fishing platforms, and the NRS Cat Fish is the ideal frame to put anglers in position to hook the big ones. * NRS frame systems are the easiest frame systems on…


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