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Casting Bar

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NRS "Y" Thighbar - Item #93022.02

…wrap around support when standing and casting from your raft. Attaches to any NRS crossbar. * Thighbar attaches to a crossbar with the NRS LoPro™ Frame Fitting for easy adjustability. * The angle of the Thighbar is easily changed to fit the height and casting style of the fisherman. * The ends…


NRS Frame Thigh Bar - Item #93020.02

Made with 1-5/8" anodized aluminum the Thigh Bar helps you keep your balance when hooking that monster fish. * The heart of the NRS frame system, the LoPro™ Fitting, just went high tech! Now made in drop-forged aluminum alloy; it's stronger and 25% lighter. Better product, same price... NRS…


NRS Otter 130 Fishing Package - Item #85014.01

…Angler Swivel Seat, which has been discontinued. * Front and rear casting platforms give you a place to stand up with solid, secure footing. * A U-Shaped Thigh Bar gives added stability for the front angler, while the Rear "Y" Thigh Bar does the same in the back. * The NRS Anchor Mount is a great…

NRS High-Back Swivel Seat - Item #94026.02

Relax and enjoy fishing from your NRS High-Back Swivel Seat. This comfortable padded seat rotates 360 degrees for unlimited casting angles. Super strong and it drains, so no wet butt! * The soft cushion is covered with a tough vinyl used in tractor seats. * Your back will love the support you get…



NRS Frame Stripping Basket - Item #84100.01

…ensures the basket holds its shape. * When you're not casting it makes a great place to organize flies and other gear. Just remember to clear it out or you may flip stuff into the drink! * Designed for use with the NRS Thigh Hooks and NRS "Y" Thigh Bar and attaches with secure hook-and-loop straps.



NRS LoPro Frame Fittings - Item #91028.02

casting platforms, thigh bars and deluxe foot bars. * The LoPro fitting includes a coined (flattened curve) U-bolt, two washers and two nylon lock nuts, also a 5/16" x 2" bolt and nylon lock nut for attaching the LoPro to frame pipe. * If you're swapping out the new forged LoPros for the older cast



NRS Frame Casting Platform For Front Thigh Hook - Closeout - Item #93043.02

…for rafts that would take a 60" wide frame or larger. Attaches to a ≥60" Angler Seat bar, Item # 90001.02. * Smaller versions are available by custom order. * If you already have a #93040.02 Casting Platform and would like to upgrade to this item, call us for options. * The heart of the NRS…

On Sale: $208.25 $245.00

NRS Front Thigh Hook - Item #93026.02

…quick and simple. * You can change the bar's angle to fit the height of most anglers with just a couple of turns of a wrench. * Attaches to the NRS Front Thigh Hook Casting Platform, Item #93043.02. * If you already have a standard Large NRS Front Casting Platform, Item #93040.02, and would like…


NRS Rear Thigh Hook - Item #93025.02

…adjustment. * You can change the bar's angle to fit the height of most anglers with just a couple of turns of a wrench. * Pair the Rear Thigh Hook with an NRS Casting Platform, Item #93040.02 or #93041.02, to give the fisherman in your raft the most solid and supportive casting position available. *…



NRS Frame Casting Platform - Item #93040.03

…small and large, to accommodate different boat sizes. * Clamps with our LoPro™ Frame Fittings to an Angler Seat Bar for a custom casting location. * The small casting platform is recommended for smaller rafts that would take a 54" wide frame or smaller. * The larger size platform is…

$225.00 - $245.00

NRS Rear Casting Platform - Item #93041.03

…to any NRS Cross Bar for a custom casting location. * The slot in the end of the platform allows you to secure the platform to a raft D-ring for even more solid footing. * Pair the Rear Casting Platform with the Rear Thigh Hook, Item # 93025.02, for the most stable casting position afloat. *…

$215.00 - $230.00

NRS Frame Casting Platform For Front Thigh Hook - Item #93043.03

…drift-boat-style fly fishing from your raft! Designed for use with the NRS Front Thigh Hook, this non-slip platform gives you solid, stable footing for casting from your inflatable boat. * The underside frame-pipe support extends past the front of the platform, allowing you to attach your NRS Front…


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