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Cataract Oars Magnum Blade

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Cataract Oar Magnum Blade 7" - Item #77302.01

…most popular Cataract oar blade, the 7" Magnum features a high-grade urethane body molded around a stiff composite core. And it floats! * The spline that goes inside the oar shaft is grooved to prevent silt build-up that can make it difficult to remove the blade. * The 7" wide blade moves a lot of…



Cataract Mini Magnum Oar Blade - Item #77322.01

Cataract has made a Mini version of the popular Magnum Blade for their Kick Boat Oar Shafts. Same great bomber quality, in a great size for smaller craft. * The 7" wide, 19 1/2" long blade moves a lot of water with each stroke. * High-density polyurethane with a composite core creates a rugged blade


Cataract Oar Blade Protector - Item #77303.01

Protect your 6 1/4" Cataract blades with easy installation blade protectors. These are sold individually. Does not fit Cataract Magnum, Cutthroat or Razor blades. Use Aquaseal to install permanently.



Cataract Mini Mag Oar - Closeout - Item #77309.01

…strong and durable as any Cataract® Oar, the Mini Magnum was designed specifically for kick boat and pontoon boat enthusiasts who refuse to compromise their rowing power. * The Mini Magnum utilizes the same carbon/glass/epoxy material as Cataract's larger oars for an unparralelled…


On Sale: $119.95 $150.00

Cataract Mini Mag Oar with Wrap - Closeout - Item #77330.01

…teardrop blade design maximizes every stroke. * These oars are wrapped with rope for quiet rowing. * Smaller oars for smaller boats don't have to feel like toys! You'll love the sturdy, high-tech construction of the Cataract Mini magnum. Size includes handle and blade. Oars sold individually

$123.95 - $139.95

Cataract Kickboat 2-piece Oar Shaft with Wrap - Item #77321.01

…comfortable rowing control. * The shaft accepts the Mini Cutthroat and Mini Magnum blades. These blades float. * The KBO is not a replacement for the larger oars (SGG, SGX, X-Wound). With its smaller shaft and blade, this oar is perfect for small boats and milder water, especially if portability and…


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