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Cataraft Frame

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NRS 16' River Cataraft - Item #85215.01
…steel D-rings provide a bombproof anchor system for your frame. * Three air chambers in each tube give you maximum security in emergency situations. * 10-year retail warranty, 5-year commercial. * Alternative colors may be available for fleet orders. * Repair kit included. * Frames sold seperately.



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AIRE Wildcat Cataraft - Item #87020.01
catarafts have exploded onto the whitewater scene. AIRE has led the charge by offering you more models of catarafts than any other manufacture. Whether you're looking for optimum speed and performance or maximum cargo capacity, AIRE has a cataraft that will do the trick. Repair kit included. Frames


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AIRE Wave Destroyer 14 Cataraft - Item #87026.01
…urethane AIRE cells provide an extra measure of strength, durability and safety. * An integrated frame chafe strip gives added protection where your frame meets your boat. * Durable rubberized handles help you comfortably carry this boat to the water. * Repair Kit included. Frames sold separately.



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NRS Cataraft Yoke - Closeout - Item #90044.01
…diameter = 1 5/8" Inside diameter = 1 3/8" Wall thickness = 1/8"" Cast aluminum LoPro fittings Stainless steel "coined" U-bolts Please note: NRS Cataraft Yokes place the center of the lower side rails 10" below the center of the top side rail. Generally they work best on NRS River Cats, Kodiak Cats…


On Sale: $165.75 $195.00

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NRS Frame U-bolt - Item #91020.01
…Includes 2 zinc-coated steel nylon-insert lock nuts and flat washers. Oversized U-bolts are recommended for Passenger Seat Mounts, Aluminum Cataraft Floors, the Cataraft Anchor Mount and Cataraft Floor Spreader Bars. You may want to consider the Oversized U-Bolts for any custom frame pieces.



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NRS Side Rail Racks - Item #93010.02
…connected to the side rails with two LoPro Fittings. The short stubs of frame pipe affixed to the LoPros are attached to the Skidguard with countersunk carriage bolts. * The Side Rail Racks do not interfere with Oar Mounts or frame cross members. * They can lay on top of crossbars, footbars and seat…

$69.95 - $94.95

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NRS Fat Cat Frame - 72"W x 120"L - Item #92058.02
…and hit the water. With a great balance of gear hauling capacity and passenger comfort, the NRS Fat Cat Frame is a cataraft multiday favorite. * The completely adjustable and adaptable NRS frame system lets you rearrange pieces to suit your needs. * Two comfortable High-Back Drain-Hole Seats ensure…


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NRS Sport Cat Frame 66"W X 88"L - Item #92072.02
…for width, with most smaller diameter cataraft tubes you can get about the same internal cargo capacity you'd have with a 72" yoke-style frame. * The heart of the NRS frame system, the LoPro™ Fitting allows complete adjustability for all frame parts. Now made in stronger, lighter hot-forged…


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NRS Cat Fish Frame - 72"W x 120"L - Item #92061.02
…The frame will ship motor freight. * Customize your Cat Fish Frame with Aluminum and mesh Cargo Floors, Cataraft Anchor System, Thigh Hooks, Stripping Baskets and Side Rail Racks. * The heart of the NRS frame system, the LoPro™ Fitting allows complete adjustability for all frame parts.…


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NRS 13' Outlaw Cataraft - Item #86045.01
…work best with the NRS Sport Cat Frame. The 66"-wide model gives you approximately the same internal width between the tubes as the 72" yoke-style frames. * Eight 2" stainless steel D-rings on each tube give you abundant tiedown points for securing the frame. * With a passenger for day trips or…



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NRS Flip Seat Mount - Item #92019.02
…crossbar the Mount is attached to. * Measure to make sure this 6" rise allows your cooler or dry box to be supported above your raft floor or cataraft frame. If you need a different rise, contact us for more options. * Since the Flip Seat Mount puts you higher than if your seat was on a Seat Bar,…


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NRS Lower Cat Rail Spreader Bar - Item #93001.01
To keep your NRS Cat Cargo Floor taut, use the NRS Spreader Bar. Weight on the Cargo Floor causes the lower side rails to bow slightly and the floor to sag. The Spreader Bar prevents that bowing and helps keep the floor "trampoline tight". The Spreader Bar attaches to the lower side rails with…



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