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Coffee Maker

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AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker
AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker - Item #70968.01
…an entirely new way to brew coffee. Make great regular coffee, espresso or lattes right in camp. Life's too short to drink bad coffee. If you like coffee, you'll love your AeroPress! * Outdoor Gear Lab gave the AeroPress a Top Pick Award for 2012. Of the coffee makers in its testing, "The AeroPress…

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Landgrove Detonator Coffee Maker
Landgrove Detonator Coffee Maker - Item #70961.01
…use, clean and maintain.It's a complete, self-contained brewing system. Just add water, coffee and heat. * The self-serve valve makes filling your coffee cup easy, even if you haven't had your coffee yet. * Coffee stays hot in the Landgrove Detonator for 1-3 hours.Works well with any heat source,…

$295.00 - $375.00

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Aeropress Coffee Filters
Aeropress Coffee Filters - Item #70969.01
…filter discs for your AeroPress™ Coffee Maker. High quality micro-filters let all the flavor through, while removing grounds and sediment that contribute to bitterness. * You get 350 micro-filter discs, enough for months of great cups of coffee. * Micro-filters can be rinsed and reused.

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