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The Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook - Item #65021.01

…they've been offering customers the finest in gourmet camp cooking. * These recipes are river tested, the same ones Rocky guides are serving on multiday wilderness trips. * The book also has sections on the care and use of Dutch ovens, cooking tips, leave no trace camping, waste disposal and food…



Gourmet Camping Cuisine Book - Item #65046.01

…well is not only possible but easy. * This book makes it easy for people to cook like a gourmet chef without the years of training. * With everything from French cuisine to Dutch oven meat and potatoes, all the recipes are here. * Deciding what to cook is easier than ever with over twenty-five meal…



Camp Cooking WITHOUT Coolers II Book - Item #65068.01

Have you dreamed about going lightweight, without having to worry about the ice running out? Wake up! Camp Cooking Without Coolers II gives you all the recipes and tips to kick the cooler habit. * Lacey Anderson has guided rafters and backpackers all over the West and in Mexico. This wealth of…



Camp Cooking: Eating Well in the Wild Book - Item #65045.01

Whether you're rafting, canoeing, sea kayaking or backpacking, Camp Cooking: Eating Well in the Wild: Eating Well in the Wild, will give you great food planning, packing and preparing tips. And delicious recipes too! * Written by wilderness guides, with over 50 years of combined experience feeding…


Middle Fork Magic - Cookbook - Item #65065.01

Cook like the outfitters do with the Middle Fork Magic Cookbook. Over 100 river-tested recipes, plus great photos and river lore make this a must-have for any outdoor or indoor cook. * For years, Gayle Selisch and her husband Kurt ran Middle Fork River Tours, one of the premier outfitters on Idaho's…


YayLabs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball - Item #70218.02

…got yummy fresh ice cream. * If you can imagine a flavor, you can create that ice cream with the SoftShell Ball. * Soft outer shell is easy to hold and helps prevent injury if the kids get rowdy. * Constructed with food-safe BPA-free materials. * Comes with instruction book and easy starter recipes.

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