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Creek Gloves

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Informational: Beginners Guide to Kayak Terminology

…Tips tend to be stubby to help prevent vertical pins. Creek boats may have slight edges along the bottom. These “chines” give good carving control for tighter eddy turns. Lengths of creek boats vary depending on the intended creeks, but they tend to be longer than either play boats or…

Informational: Multiday Kayaking Trips

…and touring/rec boats to explore inland and offshore waters. Today’s whitewater playboats are too low-volume to carry extra gear, but many creek boats can accommodate overnight gear. Touring/rec boats are much higher volume craft and often have watertight compartments. This type of multiday…

Informational: How to Stay Warm When Boating

…> Sprayskirts"> Whitewater Kayaking > Sprayskirts & Covers > Sprayskirts Footwear > Socks"> Men > Footwear > Socks Gloves > Insulating Gloves - Cold"> Men > Gloves > Insulating Gloves - Cold Headwear > Insulating Headwear"> Men > Headwear > Insulating Headwear Technical Outerwear > Drysuits"> Men >…

Informational: First Aid on the Water

…yourself hiking out of a deeply committing creek when night falls. * Duct Tape: Gorilla Tape is best and can be used for everything. * Bic Lighter (2) * Collapsible water container & Katadyn water purification tablets: I once hiked out of a steep creek and ran out of water within the first half…

Informational: Riding the Flood

…point at which the surface of a river, creek or other body of water has risen to a sufficient level to cause damage.” Okay, we’ve got a definition…and it’s subjective…and let’s start over. Whether a river, creek or other body of water is technically at…

Informational: A Paddler's Dictionary

…confused with China, which is where all inexpensive rec kayaks will likely be made in a few years. Creeking - Paddling (or simply bouncing down) small, high-gradient streams. Also known as steep creeking. Sometimes confused with creaking, which is the sound that a C-1 paddler’s knees make…

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