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MiraZyme Gear Deodorizer
MiraZyme Gear Deodorizer - Item #33509.01
Let's face it, boating gear gets wet and wet gear gets stinky. MiraZyme™ Gear Deodorizer is a powerful blend of 10 naturally occurring enzymes, microbes and other organic ingredients that zero in on and destroy odors. Dilute MiraZyme™ in water, soak gear and air dry - odor's gone! Works…



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Groover Tamer Odor Eliminator
Groover Tamer Odor Eliminator - Item #73062.01
…"groover" is a slang term used by many river runners for the portable toilet used to carry out solid human waste. * Groover Tamer contains billions of enzyme producing bacteria and a compound that absorbs hydrogen sulfide (the major odor compound). * It treats the source of odors in solid waste. It…



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Restop Commode With Bags
Restop Commode With Bags - Item #73022.01
…The patented "bag in a bag" design and final zipper closure securely contains the waste and the odor. * Restop 2's special blend of polymers and enzymes instantly begins to break down the waste and turn it into a deodorized gel. * The Restop Commode is a sturdy, top-locking base holding a full-size…



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Restop 2 Disposable Bags
Restop 2 Disposable Bags - Item #73020.01
…sealing in odor and containing the inner waste bag. * The Restop 2 system contains the odor as well as the waste, using super absorbent polymers and enzymes that break down the waste and turn it into a safe, deodorized gel. * This system provides you with a user-friendly and pleasant means to pack…


$3.25 - $299.95

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