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NRS PFD Bag - Item #40020.01

…and wetsuits are a pain to haul around. The NRS PFD Bag makes it easy to transport and store your damp and difficult-to-carry gear. * The top of this bag is made with the same 2-1/2" square mesh netting we use in our Cargo Nets, so everything inside dries quickly. * The bottom is 500 denier…



NRS Mesh Bags - Item #55032.01

Inexpensive nylon-mesh gear bags allow wet gear to dry quickly, help gather and secure loose and assorted equipment, and keep select beverages cool on a float. Find your own preferred use for these handy bags. * Features a drawstring closure with cord lock to keep everything in one nice bundle.…


$18.95 - $21.95

Restop Commode With Bags - Item #73022.01

…2 waste management system. Make an icky chore sanitary and more pleasant. * Restop 2 Commode with Bags contains everything needed to safely dispose of solid human waste. * The patented "bag in a bag" design and final zipper closure securely contains the waste and the odor. * Restop 2's special blend…



NRS Tuff Sacks - Item #55023.02

…PVC construction combined with welded seams result in a rugged, waterproof bag that will keep your gear dry and withstand the seasonal use and abuse. * Designed in a variety of sizes, the Tuff Sack can fit everything from sunscreen and on-the-boat essentials, to clothing for a week off-the-grid.…


$19.95 - $44.95

NRS Dri-Stow Dry Sacks - Item #55021.02

…in your dry bag for your headlamp or fresh skivvies too often means dumping everything you packed so carefully at home. Transparent NRS Dri-Stow Dry Sacks keep your everyday items safe and accessible to help make your adventures a little more convenient. * These economical bags are made of tough…


$12.95 - $24.95

NRS Paragon Pack - Item #55018.01

Bag. (Bag/Box sold separately) * Advantages are abundant with the Paragon™, including padded back and shoulder straps, and a lumbar support-suspension system. * Everything is adjustable for a custom fit to your body and your dry bag. * Accepts items up to 60" in circumference, and fits bags



NRS Standard Kayak Flotation - Item #50081.01

Patterned so that a single bag fills the entire stern compartment of a kayak designed without a center pillar. Available in three sizes to fit everything from the smallest rodeo kayak to the largest recreational boat. * These Infinity series float bags use a 10-gauge Urethane material that won't…


$39.95 - $49.95

PatchNRepair Emergency Repair Kit - Item #37984.01

…Kit includes everything you need to field repair your equipment no matter how far from civilization you may be. Tough, formable patches that excel in repairing breaks, cracks and holes in hard, non-porous surfaces. * These kits utilize the same water-activated MRE heater bags used in the field…


Werner Zen 95 Performance Travel Breakdown SUP Paddle - Item #75906.02

…fatigue making it easier on the body with a more gentle catch. * 10 degree blade-to-shaft offset is designed to help the paddler who does a bit of everything, some touring, surfing, fishing, fitness. The best compromise for forward paddling and bracing is 10 degree. * Mid-sized 95 square inch blade…


Werner Thrive 95 Family Travel Breakdown SUP Paddle - Item #75908.01

…Travel is an economical stand up paddle that has all the same length adjustments as the Thrive 95 Family Adjustable but fits in your inflatable carry bag or suitcase for SUP on the go. * Utilizing the same great fiberglass shaft, and adjustment system, as the Vibe, the Thrive has a stiffer, lighter…


Werner Vibe Family Travel Breakdown SUP Paddle - Item #75910.01

…budget. * The breakdown Werner Vibe Travel has all the same length adjustments as the Vibe Family Adjustable but fits in your inflatable carry bag or suitcase for SUP on the go. * This is the paddle for the whole family, easily fitting someone from 4'10" tall to 6'2". Paddle adjusts from 68"-84"…


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