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Carlisle Oar Shaft Extender - Item #77258.01

Give yourself the extra length needed for varied boating situations with these heavy-duty extensions. Each extender lengthens your Carlisle HD or Cataract oar by one foot.



NRS Wetsuit Shoulder Extensions - Item #17270.01

…* Because of the evolution of NRS Wetsuits over the last 30 years, we have three different types of shoulder extensions. Please check your wetsuit to find the exact shoulder extension match. Oldest Style: Wetsuits with silver snaps. Old Style: Wetsuits with black plastic snaps and with the rough…



Pelican Case Overnight Laptop Dry Box - 1510 - Item #55435.01

…large compartment with a t-zip holds clothes or whatever you need to bring along. * Top and side carry handles along with wheels and a retractable extension handle for pulling make this case easy to transport. * This case does not come with Pick-n-Pluck foam though it can be special ordered. * The…


Pelican ProGear 9420XL LED Worklight Kit - Item #71718.01

When you need lots of light out where no extension cord can reach, the Pelican ProGear 9420XL LED Work Light Kit comes to the rescue. Powerful dual LED bulbs illuminate your work space, and the 5' high mast deploys in seconds.. * Great for lighting up a night rescue site, or your camp, as well as…


Whiz Freedom Extension Tube - Item #73002.01

Ladies- if you find you have a lot of layers on under your drysuit you'll want to consider an extension tube for your Whiz Freedom feminine funnel. * This highly flexible 8" long tube connects to the end of the Whiz Freedom funnel when you need more length. * 8" long (20 cm)


Yakima ShowBoat Boat Loader - Item #62521.02

…side to side. * The slide-out roller system makes loading boats onto your vehicle a breeze. * Extendable arm retracts when you're not hoisting boats giving you a sleek, clean look; while saving your car from dings and dents. * Includes 66" crossbars for 24" max extension with up to an 80 lb. boat.


Yakima Extender Bar for LongArm Truck Mount - Item #62652.01

Haul your boats and boards high and leave your truck bed available for other gear by attaching the Yakima LongArm Height Extension to your LongArm Truck Bed Extender. * Securely attaches to the LongArm (Item #: 62651.01.100; sold separately) when it's in the vertical position and easily adjusts to…


Yakima BoatLoader - Item #62576.01

Going it alone? If you need help getting your boat on your car rack, the BoatLoader can lend an arm. Prop one end of your boat up on the extension and then lift the other end onto the rack. The Yakima BoatLoader retracts into the Yakima round cross bar when not in use. * Extends 28" from end of…



Yakima SpareRide Bike Rack - Item #62631.01

…bikes to the rack and are fully removable. * The SpareRide is made of steel, for maximum strength and durability. * Universal mounting plate with extension fits most lug patterns, and fits nearly any size spare, including oversized truck tires. * There's a tool-free locking knob for easy mount and…



CRKT Bear Claw Knife - Item #47285.01

The CRKT Bear Claw Knife is an extension of your hand that cuts rope and webbing like a razor. The blunt tip prevents point penetration in emergency situations. * The curve In the Triple-Point serrated blade concentrates the cutting motion for quick, easy severing of the material. * Blade control…



Yakima LongArm Truck Bed Extender - Item #62651.01

…height for use with the Yakima BedRock rack system or a tonneau cover (300 lb carrying capacity). * Truck cab height by combining the LongArm Extension (Item #: 62652.01.100; sold separately) with a roof rack system (165 lb carrying capacity ). * Installs easily and securely to any 2" hitch receiver…


NRS Farmer Bill Wetsuit - Item #17268.01

…at the shoulders to ensure easy entry and a secure closure. * ToughTex™ seat and padded knees are double-thread stitched for superior ruggedness. * Color-coded chest for easy size identification. * NRS Shoulder Extensions are available to add even more room in the torso for larger boaters.


$104.95 - $114.95

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