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Female Funnel

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Whiz Freedom Feminine Funnel - Item #73000.01
…have you ever wanted to write your name in the snow? Or easily relieve yourself without having to take off your drysuit? Here's the Whiz Freedom funnel to the rescue! * You'll wonder how you ever lived with out one before. Not only is the Whiz so handy to have on boating trips, you'll love it for…



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NRS Women's Inversion Kayak Drysuit - Closeout - Item #22525.02
…call without taking off the suit. Placed low in the torso for use with a feminine funnel relief system. * The relief zipper is protected by a hook-and-loop sealed flap. * Includes a Whiz Freedom Feminine Funnel! Item# 22516 * Cut for a woman's body. Provides room for insulating layers and allows…


On Sale: $585.00 $899.95

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