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Aquapac Waterproof Camera Case - Large 448 - Item #55324.02

…camera out on the water? The Aquapac Large Camera Case is perfect for larger cameras or cameras with zoom lenses, with room left over to store extra film or memory cards. * All Aquapac waterproof cases are PVC-Free! Now made from Polyurethane (PU) - 100% recyclable, thinner, stays flexible when it's…


HH-66 Vinyl Cement - Item #38711.01

…of our customers will be interested in repairing PVC and urethane inflatables but the manufacturer says it can also be used on vinyl foams and films, rigid plastics, synthetic fabrics, wood, leather, and metals. * With a cured temperature range of -30° F to 180 ° F, this adhesive performs…

$7.95 - $14.95

Smith Dover Sunglasses with ChromaPop Lenses - Item #13531.01

Designed for the active adventurer, the Dover is an essential piece of gear to pack before embarking on your journey. Superb coverage and Smith's patented ChromaPop technology creates outstanding clarity and protection. * ChromaPop optimizes color and increases clarity, enabling you to see the…



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