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Frame Wrench

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NRS Frame Wrench - Item #91011.01

1/2" socket, Phillips & Flat Head Screw driver all in one. Use this for tightening down NRS frame components, oar rights, and oar sleeves.



NRS Rear Thigh Hook - Item #93025.02

…attaches to a crossbar or cataraft yoke with the NRS LoPro™ Frame Fitting for easy installation and adjustment. * You can change the bar's angle to fit the height of most anglers with just a couple of turns of a wrench. * Pair the Rear Thigh Hook with an NRS Casting Platform, Item #93040.03…



NRS Utility Mount for the ClampIT - Item #91063.01

…the ClampIT. Center the ClampIT on the plate and tighten with a 3/16" (5 mm) hex wrench (not included). * Use the four longer bolts to secure your Scotty or RAM base to the plate. * Snap the ClampIT on our 1 5/8" frame pipe. It's easy to put on and a snap to remove and relocate. * You'll find you…


NRS Front Thigh Hook - Item #93026.02

…of turns of a wrench. * Attaches to the NRS Front Thigh Hook Casting Platform, Item #93043.03. * If you already have a standard Large NRS Front Casting Platform, Item #93040.03, and would like to add this Thigh Hook, please call us for modification options. * The heart of the NRS frame system, the…


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