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NRS Pro Guardian Waist Throw Bag - Item #45108.01
…a smooth safety toss. * Pro model includes 55 feet of extra-strong 1/4"Dyneema® rope, with a maximum tensile strength of2,495 pounds. * The Guardian clips securely around your waist with anadjustable belt and a quick release buckle. * Webbing loops along the belt are provided forcarabiners. Rope…



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NRS Guardian Waist Throw Bag - Item #45107.01
The Guardian Bags are worn on your waist, so whether you'rein your boat or scouting a rapid, the throw bag is alwaysat your fingertips. * Features an internal throw rope in an inner bag that pullscompletely free from the waist belt for a smooth safety toss. * Throw bag contains 55 feet of 1/4"…



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ENO Guardian Bug Net - Item #71604.01
…and deer flies can put the bite on your relaxation. Ban those bugs with the ENO Guardian Bug Net. * Super fine "no-see-um" mosquito netting surrounds you and your hammock for bite-free peace of mind. * The Guardian Bug Net measures 9'4" long and 4'3" high when attached over your hammock, creating…

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