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Sandbar Hand Washing Station - Item #71203.01
…the soapy wash water in another container and dispose of it properly. * Always wash your hands after using your toilet system and before handling food items. * Alcohol-based hand sanitizing gels are a great sanitation tool, but remember, they don't work well on dirty hands. Wash hands thoroughly…



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Gear Aid ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner - Item #33510.01
…of waterproof breathable garments, technical outerwear, synthetic-fiber fleece and insulation. It goes a long way, this 12 oz. bottle is enough cleaner for over 20 garments or six sleeping bags. Use: For cleaning apparel with a waterproof membrane or coating we recommend that you hand wash only.



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Kavu Synthetic Strapcap Hat - Item #13058.01
…* Plastic core visor stays rigid and keeps your hat afloat if you drop it overboard. * The black underbill will help prevent unwanted glare. * Easily adjust the hat size with the Kavu strap system. * Ultra low-profile with 4 panel design. * Hand wash and air-dry out of sunlight to prevent fading.



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Hanz Waterproof Gloves - Item #25001.02
The patented three-layer construction of Hanz Waterproof Gloves gives your hands complete waterproof protection with the fit and feel of a quality lightweight outdoor glove. * Three-layer MVT (Moisture Vapor Transpiration) fabric structure prevents water from penetrating while allowing perspiration…



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Hanz Waterproof Crew-Length Socks - Item #30001.02
The innovative three-layer construction of Hanz Waterproof Calf-Length Socks keeps your feet completely dry while providing the comfort, fit and breathability of a quality hiking sock. * Three-layer MVT (Moisture Vapor Transpiration) fabric structure prevents water from penetrating while allowing…



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Hanz Submerge Waterproof Socks - Item #30002.02
The unique watertight cuff in Hanz Submerge Waterproof Socks ensures that your feet stay dry even if you wade in a little deeper than you planned. Great for canoeing, kayaking, rafting and SUP. * Innovative sealing cuff blocks water from entering at the top of this over-the-calf sock (see TIP…



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