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High-Back Plastic Drain Hole Seat - Item #94031.01
…tractor seats. * Your back will love the support you get from the high seat back. * Strong plastic construction eliminates metal parts that could rust or bend. * This seat fits on the NRS Seat Bar and on the NRS Passenger Seat Mount, which clamps to any of our crossbars or side rails. * Seat comes…



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NRS Clearwater Mesh Back PFD - Item #40007.02
…touring or rowing seat? You'll love the NRS Clearwater PFD! Flotation is concentrated up front and behind the shoulders, with a mesh lower back that lets you recline and relax. * The flotation of this recreational PFD is concentrated in the front panels and up high on the back for a more natural…



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NRS cVest Mesh Back PFD - Item #40028.01
…cVest Life Jacket has pockets and attachment points for all the essentials. It also has lots of reflective tape and a cool mesh back that works great with high-back seats. * For touring comfort, convenience and safety, the cVest can't be beat. Photographers, naturalists and anyone who likes lots of…



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NRS Chinook Mesh Back Fishing PFD - Item #40009.02
…for everything from small tackle boxes to tippet. * Perfect for kayak fishing, fly fishing and extended tours! * The mesh lower back is a great fit on high-back seats and provides ventilation when the weather's warm. * The roomy front-entry design with 8 adjustment points lets you customize the…



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NRS Women's Zoya Mesh Back PFD - Item #40029.01
…mobility for paddling and rowing. * The mesh lower back is a great fit on high-back seats and provides ventilation when the weather's warm. * Zippered front entry makes the Zoya PFD easy to put on and take off. * Reflective piping front and back make you more visible in low-light conditions. *…



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NRS Flip Seat Mount - Item #92019.02
…both Low-Back and High-Back Drain-Hole Seats (sold separately). * A tie-down strap with quick release buckle for securing the Mount to the back crossbar is included. * The heart of the NRS frame system, the LoPro™ Fitting, just went high tech! Now made in drop-forged aluminum alloy;…


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NRS Frame Angler Swivel Seat Mount - Item #94018.01
…easily by adding a comfy Angler Swivel Seat to any NRS frame. Attaches to a cross bar or side rail with the included U-bolts. (Seat not included.) Pictured from underside. Please see item# 1238 for the Standard Seat Mount used with the raft and high back seats. When attaching the mount, please bolt…



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NRS Frame Angler Seat Bar with LoPro's - Closeout - Item #90001.01
Angler Seat Bars give you that great bird's eye view. Includes LoPro™ fitting, u-bolts, washers and nuts. The hole patterns on the plate can be used with an angler/swivel seat or regular low or high back raft seat. This bar is not for whitewater use. Widths: 48" - 82"


On Sale: $106.25 $125.00

NRS Raft Fishing Frame - Closeout - Item #92013.01
…make great fishing boats! The Fishing Frame has a comfortable seat for the rower and puts the angler up high with the padded Angler Seat. Comes standard with a low back drain hole seat and seat bar, a folding Angler Seat and Angler Seat bar, foot bar, cross bar, two side rails and a pair of NRS oar…


On Sale: $573.75 $675.00

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NRS Cat Fish Frame - 72"W x 120"L - Closeout - Item #92061.01
…cataraft makes a great fishing platform and the Cat Fish is the ideal fishing frame. Comes standard with a high back drain hole seat, seat bar, an Angler Seat Bar, Angler Swivel Seat and a foot bar. The Cat Fish has room to float, fish and pile on the gear for either day trips or extended journeys.…

On Sale: $930.75 $1095.00

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AIRE Traveler Inflatable Canoe - Item #87058.02
…whitewater too. * Six D-rings on each side allow you to strap down the NRS Custom Aire Traveler Canoe Frame to turn this paddle boat into a highly manueverable rowing craft. * A well-defined keel aids tracking on flatwater and slow-moving streams. * Air-tight thermo-welded polyurethane AIREcell…


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NRS Universal Frame - 66"W x 108"L - Closeout - Item #92064.01
…frames. * Universal Frame comes with: (2) 108" breakdown side rails, (2) 68" standard drop rails, (5) 66" crossbars, deluxe footbar, 66" seat bar, high back drain seat, 6" oar mounts, (4) 9' straps, (8) strap slides Please note: A mesh cargo floor will fit on the Drop Rails of the Universal Frame.…

On Sale: $879.75 $1035.00

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