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High Pressure Pump

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Bravo High-Pressure 12 Volt Pump - Item #80027.01
…High-Pressure Pump is the perfect solution for quickly inflating your raft, cataraft, IK or SUP board. Hook it up to a 12 volt battery and it puts out up to 15 psi air pressure. * Inflate and deflate quickly with this powerful 12 volt pump. * It's easy to know exactly what pressure you have with the…



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NRS Wonder Pump 6 - Item #80010.01
…the white plug in the cap changes the pump to a single action mode, making it a bit easier to pump. * The white screw in the top of the handle enables you to attach an aftermarket pressure gauge. (Gauge not available from NRS) * 4" diameter x 18.5" high to the top of the handle with an 4.5" x…



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NRS Super Pump - Item #80016.01
…20 psi with ease. * Included pressure gauge takes the guesswork out of inflating your boat or board. * This low-volume, single-action, two-hand pump lets you inflate to pressures up to 20 psi. * Small diameter pump chamber keeps the pumping easy, even at high pressures. * The aluminum shaft, sturdy…



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K-Pump 20 HP - Item #80083.01
…durable, high pressure capable - the perfect hand pump for inflatable SUP boards. The K-Pump 20 HP is a real game changer. One stage for volume, second stage for high pressure. * The K-Pump 20 HP is perfect for SUP boards and other smaller drop-stitch crafts that require high inflation pressure for…



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K-Pump 220 HP - Item #80068.01
The K-Pump 220 has it all: high volume, high pressure, high durability, low maintenance. Unique two-stage design lets you add air in a hurry then top off to high pressure with minimal effort. * This is a great all-in-one pump for your inflatable boat or SUP board. * The primary stage delivers…



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K-Pump 400 - Item #80071.01
…last, easy to use, a snap to stow. * The primary stage delivers a huge volume (approx. 1.6 gals) of air per stroke. * When the pressure in the chamber increases and pumping starts to become difficult, a simple twist of the handle locks out the high-volume primary stage and locks in the high-pressure…



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K-Pump Kwik Check Standard Pressure Gauge - Item #80082.02
The K-Pump Kwik Check Pressure Gauge takes the guess work out of boat pressure. This lightweight, durable gauge works on many valves, so you only need to carry one gauge. * Large, high contrast display reads from 0 - 20 psi (0-1.4 bar) and is easy to read in all conditions. * This gauge must be in…



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K-Pump High Pressure O-Ring - Item #80076.01
This replacement high pressure O-ring is used on all the K-Pumps. This is the small O-ring that is used on all K-Pumps.



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K-Pump Pressure Gauge for Boston Valves - Item #80069.01
Protect your inflatable boats and toys with the K-Pump Pressure Gauge for Boston Valves. Works great on most of these common valves found in float tubes, belly boats and many pontoon-type water crafts. * This easy-to-use mechanical air pressure gauge lets you accurately measure the psi in your…



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NRS Pressure Gauge Adapter for Leafield Valves - Item #80009.01
The NRS Pressure Gauge Valve Adapter attaches to both the NRS Mechanical Pressure Gauge and Digital Pressure Gauge. It fits snugly in all Leafield valves and military valves. * This handy adapter makes accurately checking your boat's air pressure easier than ever.



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K-Pump 40 - Item #80070.01
…it stows compactly. * The primary stage delivers approx. 1.2 gallons of air per stroke, filling your tubes quickly. * When the pressure in the chamber increases and pumping starts to become difficult, a simple twist of the handle locks out the high-volume primary stage and locks in the high-pressure…



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C7 Leafield Valve Adapter - Item #38523.01
No more pumping with one hand and holding the hose with the other! A quick twist seals the Leafield C7 Valve Adapter to your boat's Leafield C7 Valve for easy solo inflation with zero leakage. * This adapter is especially helpful with high-pressure drop-stitch inflatables. * The threaded male end…



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