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The Complete Whitewater Rafter Book - Item #65048.01

This book compiles information on oar and paddle techniques; equipment and accessories; hydrology and river reading; safety and rescue; camping and cookery; maintenance and repair; guidebooks and resources; where the jobs are; history; whitewater photography; and much, much more. Author: Jeff…



Z-Drag Rescue Crib Sheet - Item #45307.01

All the essential knots and boat retrieval techniques clearly illustrated and explained on durable waterproof paper that folds out. A great tool for clubs and schools as well as individual boaters. Information Included: Basic Z-drag 3:1 Vector Pull 2:1 Z+C 6:1 Double Z 9:1 Water Knot Double…



The Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook - Item #65021.01

The Outdoor Dutch Oven Cookbook has over 225 recipes from one of America's finest outdoor cooks. Instructions include cooking them in the Dutch oven and in the home oven. * Covers recipes from breakfast to dessert. Also, breads, salads, appetizers, fish, poultry, meat and meatless dishes are all…



Alaska River Guide Book - Item #65031.01

…things to consider when planning your trip. * These tips are very specific for travel and boating in Alaska's wild and remote terrain, including instruction in how to avoid dangerous encounters with the plentiful bear population. * Alaska's Rivers are separated by cardinal reagion in this book.…


Camp Cooking: Eating Well in the Wild Book - Item #65045.01

…* Some 80 tried-and-true recipes for delicious food that has delighted hundreds of wilderness adventurers. * Beautiful photographs, clear instruction, expert advice and a lot of great recipes make this an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to eat well in the wild. Authors: Mark Scriver,…


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