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Kayak Hip Pads

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Padz Kayak Hip Wedges - Item #50039.01

Self-adhesive closed mini-cell foam contoured hip wedges that can be further shaped and customized with the supplied sandpaper. Use H2 Glue (item# 50203.01) to adhere mini cell to your boat.



Padz Kayak Pro Hip Pads - Item #50041.01

Properly shaped and fitted hip pads help you control your kayak. The Minicell Padz Pro Hip Pads work just as they are, or can be easily reshaped with sandpaper or a rasp. Not self-adhesive -Glue in pads with H2Glue (item # 50203.01).



NRS Whitewater Kayak Sherpa - Item #50019.01

…Whitewater Kayak Sherpa. With the padded hip belt and shoulder straps, it's like a hiking backpack on steroids! * Adjusts to fit most current whitewater kayaks, positioned bow or stern up, and with your back against either the bottom or the deck of the boat. * The adjustable, padded shoulder straps…



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