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Kids Splash Gear

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Informational: “Living” With Kids on Boating Trips

…with the squirmiest of kids. One solution for covering sensitive areas is to use lip balm w/ sunscreen. It works for noses, cheeks and ears, as well as lips. * Check out our Kids section online. We carry a large selection of gear designed and sized for kids. Base layers, splash jackets and pants,…

Informational: Boating Safety for Infants & Small Children

…you may damage your planned creation of a “boating buddy.” Dress for the Conditions Little bodies get cold. See our Kids Gear for wetsuits and splash wear. NRS HydroSilk long and short sleeve shirts give UPF 50+ sun protection. Apply sunscreen to exposed skin and give them a wide…

Informational: Multiday Rafting Trips

…* Keep your foul-weather gear handy at all times in a small dry bag that can be clipped or strapped securely in an accessible place. Even during the warm summer months, a steady rain can make a trip miserably cold. * You may want to pack extra wetsuits, splash wear and base insulating layers…

Informational: Clyde's 2006 Grand Canyon Blog

…younger han Dave. She grudgingly puts up with our BS, has been known to bring makeup on the river and looks upon the sun shower as essential safety gear. Alan Many, many years of rafting experience. His second GC trip. He has a dislike of bureaucracy, a long-suffering wife and is an organizer par…

Showing 1 - 4 of 4