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Kids Splash Gear

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Informational: “Living” With Kids on Boating Trips

…with the squirmiest of kids. One solution for covering sensitive areas is to use lip balm w/ sunscreen. It works for noses, cheeks and ears, as well as lips. * Check out our Kids section online. We carry a large selection of gear designed and sized for kids. Base layers, splash jackets and pants,…

Informational: Boating Safety for Infants & Small Children

…you may damage your planned creation of a “boating buddy.” Dress for the Conditions Little bodies get cold. See our Kids Gear for wetsuits and splash wear. NRS HydroSilk long and short sleeve shirts give UPF 50+ sun protection. Apply sunscreen to exposed skin and give them a wide…

Informational: Multiday Rafting Trips

…* Keep your foul-weather gear handy at all times in a small dry bag that can be clipped or strapped securely in an accessible place. Even during the warm summer months, a steady rain can make a trip miserably cold. * You may want to pack extra wetsuits, splash wear and base insulating layers…

Informational: NRS - Boat Registration

…* SUP Boards * Kayak Accessories * Touring Kayak Paddles * Whitewater Kayak Paddles * * * Yakima Sale * Water * Bike * Snow * Rack Systems MORE: Kids' Gear / All Sale NRS Gift Card × Close * Call: 877.677.4327 * Chat * Email * Shipping Rates * Hassle-Free Returns * More Customer Service * Gift…

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