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Kitchen Box

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Eddy Out Kitchen Dry Box - Item #55085.01

The Eddy Out Kitchen Dry Box is designed to protect your supplies and give you a handy kitchen counter at camp or on the beach. Included legs store inside the box during transport. * Constructed of premium aluminum with folding carry handles, continuous "piano-hinge" style lid hinge and…


On Sale: $348.00 $435.00

NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box - Item #55083.01

…NRS Boulder Camping Dry Box is the little brother of the NRS Canyon Box. This light, affordable plastic dry box will keep your stuff dry and protected on your boat, in camp, and on the road. * About the size of medium ice chest, this box is great for storing your camp kitchen equipment, groceries,…


On Sale: $100.00 $125.00

Woodland Power Stove - Item #70959.01

…regulator comes with a 48" hose and attaches to bulk propane tanks. * Entire unit weighs only 5-1/2 pounds and compactly stores in your dry box or kitchen box. * The removable windscreens help shield the flame from wind effects. * The unique flame spreader sits atop the burner tube to diffuse the…


On Sale: $119.96 $149.95

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