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Primus Polaris Lantern - Item #71710.02
…gives you lots of light for those dark nights in the middle of nowhere. * Enjoy a soft orange glow similar to a propane lantern, rather than the glaring, white of normal LED lanterns. * The two position switch allows you to choose between low and high output. * Run time: 6 hours on high, 120 hours…

On Sale: $36.75 $49.00

Black Diamond Apollo Lantern - Item #71664.01
…put-in, the Black Diamond Apollo Lantern puts out 80 lumens of bright, ambient, non-glaring light. * The Apollo Lantern's DoublePower LED, dual-reflector system and frosted globe crank out a bright, warm glow to light up your camp. * This battery-powered lantern features upper and lower reflectors…


Primus Propane Distribution Stand - Item #70961.02
…cooking system. Add a lantern, or two, along with your propane stove * Hook any three propane devices to one propane bottle with this Prop Post. * Compact, Three-piece design collapses to 18" making it easy to pack and extends up to 45" giving great area lighting with your lantern attached to the…


On Sale: $40.50 $54.00

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Black Diamond Voyager Lantern - Item #71665.01
…frosted lantern globe casts a bright 360-degree, 75-lumen light to illuminate all your camp tasks. * A 3-watt DoublePower LED bulb in the base of this battery-powered lantern gives you a focused 50-lumen flashlight beam for when you need to head to the tent. * Lantern, flashlight and dual (lantern


Brunton WOW Magnetic Lantern - Item #71712.01
Fully rechargeable and freakishly versatile, the Brunton® WOW Magnetic Lantern truly earns its name. This combination lantern/flashlight and camera tripod belongs in every camper's kit. * Flexible magnetic legs allow the WOW to stick to any iron or steel surface, stand on its own, wrap around a…


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Primus Polaris Power Lantern - Item #71713.01
The Polaris Power Lantern is Primus' most powerful LED lantern. And it's a USB recharge docking station for your phone and other electronic goodies. The outdoors just got more friendly. * Choose from five different light levels for the precise illumination you need. * Four D-cell batteries give you…

On Sale: $58.50 $78.00

Pelican SabreLite 2000 Flashlight - Item #71700.01
A no-nonsense, tough search and rescue light. Submersible to 1 meter, the SabreLite™ 2000 has more failsafe features than any flashlight made. * This powerful flashlight was designed with one thing in mind: safety. It carries a variety of approvals, allowing safe use in many different…


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Primus Polaris XL Lantern - Item #71711.02
…LED Lantern you can enjoy a 'natural light' instead of the typical glaring, white LED we're used to. It also gives you 360 degrees of light with no dead spots. * The super bright Z-Power P4 White LED bulb gives you lots of light for those dark nights in the middle of nowhere. * The XL LED Lantern's

On Sale: $63.00 $84.00

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ACR Firefly Plus Strobe - Item #71714.01
The ACR Firefly Plus gives you a powerful omni-directional strobe and a bright flashlight in a compact, waterproof, impact-resistant package. * Dependable safety equipment for boaters, skiers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. * High-intensity xenon strobe is visible over one mile. * Built with…


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ENO Twilights LED Lights - Item #70220.01
Few products have elicited more glee around NRS HQ than ENO Twilights. The possibilities for fun with these festive battery-powered LED lights are endless. Multiple color options to choose from. You'll want them all! * Customize your hammock, cooler, lawn chair, picnic table, tent, or even yourself…



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Pelican ProGear 9420 LED Worklight - Item #71717.01
When you need lots of light out where no extension cord can reach, the Pelican ProGear 9420 LED Worklight comes to the rescue. Powerful dual LED bulbs illuminate your work space, and the 5' high mast deploys in seconds. * Great for lighting up your camp as well as the garage or work site. Fits…


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Pelican SabreLite Replacement Bulb - Item #71701.01
Don't get caught in the dark without a replacement bulb. Pick up a replacement bulb for your Pelican SabreLite™ flashlight.


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