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Black Diamond Apollo Lantern
Black Diamond Apollo Lantern - Item #71664.01
…put-in, the Black Diamond Apollo Lantern puts out 80 lumens of bright, ambient, non-glaring light. * The Apollo Lantern's DoublePower LED, dual-reflector system and frosted globe crank out a bright, warm glow to light up your camp. * This battery-powered lantern features upper and lower reflectors…


Black Diamond Orbit Lantern
Black Diamond Orbit Lantern - Item #71666.01
…DoublePower LED puts out 60 lumens of 360 degree light through its frosted globe. * In the base of the Orbit, a DoublePower LED projects 50 lumens of light in a precise flashlight beam. * The dual-reflector system in the lantern mode captures and maximizes light output. * Switch between lantern,


ENO Twilights LED Lights
ENO Twilights LED Lights - Item #70220.01
…possibilities for fun with these festive battery-powered LED lights are endless. Multiple color options to choose from. You'll want them all! * Customize your hammock, cooler, lawn chair, picnic table, tent, or even yourself with these long-running LED lights and you'll be the hit of the party! * If…



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Pelican ProGear 9420 LED Worklight
Pelican ProGear 9420 LED Worklight - Item #71717.01
…Pelican ProGear 9420 LED Worklight comes to the rescue. Powerful dual LED bulbs illuminate your work space, and the 5' high mast deploys in seconds. * Great for lighting up your camp as well as the garage or work site. Fits easily in many dry boxes too! * Proven Cree brand LED bulbs provide…


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Black Diamond Voyager Lantern - Closeout
Black Diamond Voyager Lantern - Closeout - Item #71665.01
…Voyager Lantern provides ultra-versatile lighting for any kind of camping. * A 3-watt DoublePower LED bulb enclosed in the frosted lantern globe casts a bright 360-degree, 75-lumen light to illuminate all your camp tasks. * A 3-watt DoublePower LED bulb in the base of this battery-powered lantern

On Sale: $29.95 $39.95

Pelican SabreLite 2010 Recoil LED
Pelican SabreLite 2010 Recoil LED - Item #71706.01
Rugged, bright and submersible, what else do you need in a flash light? The Pelican SabreLite is built to last and easy to use. * Recoil LED Technology produces a white collimated beam that's as bright as an incandescent light and provides 10,000 hours of lamp life. * The rugged lightweight…



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Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp - Closeout
Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp - Closeout - Item #71644.01
The Princeton Tec Apex LED Headlamp will light up your outdoor world. The 3-watt MaxBright LED will shine a spotlight beam up to 180 feet away and the four UltraBright LEDs will cast a steady wide beam or flashing light out as far as 75 feet. All this power in a 10-oz. package that squeezes 72 to…


On Sale: $69.95 $89.95

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Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp - Closeout
Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp - Closeout - Item #71663.01
…Headlamp efficiently powers your camping and boating adventures. Distance, area and night vision modes. * One DoublePower LED, two SinglePower white LEDs and one SinglePower red LED provide multi-mode versatility for all your outdoor lighting needs. * Settings include full strength in proximity and…

On Sale: $22.45 $29.95

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Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp - Closeout
Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp - Closeout - Item #71660.01
…include full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night vision and lock-off. * One TriplePower LED, two SinglePower white LEDs and two SinglePower red LEDs emit up to 110 lumens of light. * Sleek, low profile design uses three Black Diamond NiMH AAA rechargeable batteries…

On Sale: $44.95 $59.95

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