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NRS LoPro Frame Fittings - Closeout - Item #91028.01
Cast from 356 aluminum alloy, these fittings are designed to handle the demands of big-water boating. * We start by machining the shank to match the inside diameter of our aluminum pipe. * The saddle, coupled with our stainless steel U-bolt, creates a connection that will hold firmly for a lifetime…


On Sale: $17.00 $19.95

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NRS LoPro Frame Fittings - Item #91028.02
The LoPro Fitting is the heart of the NRS frame system, allowing you to configure your frame however you choose. Now in hot-forged aluminum, they're stronger and lighter with a polished, streamlined finish. * The NRS LowPro Frame fitting secures cross members and frame accessories to our 1 5/8" OD…



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