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Informational: High-Water Safety Guidelines

High-Water Safety Guidelines Lochsa River, Idaho © Mike Hood By Bill McGinnis High water can dramatically change our rivers, and requires that we redouble our ongoing emphasis on safety: Even if you are familiar with a run at lower flows, before taking clients on high flows new to you, consider…

Informational: Taking Care of Drywear Gaskets

Taking Care of Drywear Gaskets Brian, in an NRS Extreme Drysuit, stuffing a throw bag before a spring Lochsa River run. © David Blue If you haven’t discovered the joys of staying dry when you’re boating in colder weather and water, you’re in for a treat. Modern technical…

Informational: How To Prevent Boating Injuries

…bag and operating the remote control, jumping right into high intensity-boating is asking for what can be debilitating injury. Battling big waves, Lochsa River, Idaho. ©Keli Keach Acute and chronic boating injuries caused by lack of conditioning or over-straining muscles are primarily in the…

Informational: How to Choose Your First Raft or Cataraft

…necessarily have more interior room. If the boat has larger diameter tubes, that eats into this space. Josh, NRS Sales Manager, running the Lochsa River, Idaho, in a new NRS Revolution cat. © Ashley Niles So, do you want a raft (roundish boats with inflatable tubes that wrap around…

Informational: Winter Rolling Tune-Up

…does as well. I came back from Chile in 1994 and headed to the Lochsa. I had run the Bio Bio self-support before it was dammed, and the waterfalls on the Rio Claro. I’d had the time of my life in Chile, but, back on the Lochsa, I could not roll. Pete Newport, co-owner of Sawyer Paddles, took…

Informational: Coming Back Is Mandatory

…alive through all those perilous adventures: “Getting up is optional. Getting down is mandatory.” Martin and Tony punch through on the Lochsa. ©Keli Keach Not many of us huck off 100-foot waterfalls or paddle around Greenland, but every time we venture out on the water, we are in an…

Showing 1 - 6 of 6