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Lock Cores

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Yakima SKS Lock Cores - Item #62519.01

…Yakima SKS "Same Key System" Lock Cores. Sold in keyed-alike sets for convenient protection of your stuff. They work in all the Yakima lockable accessories. * Each set includes two keys that lock and unlock the cores, plus a control key that is used to insert and remove cores from their mount. * Buy…


$44.00 - $88.00

Yakima Accessory Lock Housing - Item #62584.01

…mounts can enjoy full locking security and protection for your gear. * Used to lock rack accessories to a vehicle's crossbar. It works in the place of a hex key to secure a bolt to a particular component, such as a bike fork block, MightyMount or fairing and bracket. SKS lock cores sold separately.


On Sale: $13.60 $17.00

Yakima Locking BedHead Bike Mount - Item #62596.01

…on the two-part mount protects the vehicle's paint job while securely holding it in place. * Locking single-sided adjustment skewer has a long throw for easy bike loading. And, a SKS Lock Core is included! * Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum construction for long term, easy-care durability.

On Sale: $64.00 $80.00

Yakima Locking BlockHead Bike Fork Mount - Item #62540.01

…permanent bike mounting solution with the Yakima Locking BlockHead Bike Fork Mount. Secure your bike and lock it up so you'll still have it when you return. * Single-sided adjustment skewer with long throw for easy bike loading. * Includes SKS lock core and two keys. * Corrosion-resistant anodized…

On Sale: $40.00 $50.00

Yakima BoatLocker - Item #62575.01

…steel cable securely locks your boat to your roof rack. The two included attached cuffs secure your paddle as part of the bargain. Uses Yakima's standard SKS lock core (included). * 10' of flexible, coated stainless steel cable for dependability. * Includes SKS lock core and key. * Works with…


On Sale: $47.20 $59.00

Yakima DeadLock - Item #62567.01

…directly to your Yakima hitch rack and your rack to the car with the two-part DeadLock system. * A heavy-duty locking cable stretches to secure all the bikes on the rack. * A hitch pin lock secures the rack to your vehicles hitch receiver. The same key operates both locks. * SKS Lock Cores included.

On Sale: $39.20 $49.00

Yakima LockUp - Item #62538.01

…LockUp does it all. The cable lock secures bikes to a hitch rack and the hitch lock secures the rack to the car. * The Hitch Lock portion prevents removal of your hitch mount from the vehicle's hitch receiver. * The 10' cable lock wraps around all your bikes. * Keyed alike SKS lock cores included.

On Sale: $48.00 $60.00

Yakima 9ft SKS Cable - Item #62585.01

…9ft SKS Cable. An easy and effective way to discourage your stuff from wandering off. * The 9 foot cable will wrap through or around most items you want to put on your rack, keeping your toys right where you put them. * With SKS Lock Cores (sold separately), you can lock your stuff and not worry.

On Sale: $31.20 $39.00

Yakima BigStack Kayak Rack - Item #62579.01

…the lives of uncountable bugs. * Includes two BigStack uprights, two padded straps for securing boats to the uprights and a pair of bow-stern tiedown straps and bow/stern tie-downs. * Your boat is only as secure as your rack, the BigStack will lock to your rack with SKS lock cores (sold separately)


On Sale: $127.20 $159.00

Yakima Control Tower Rack Mounts - Item #62570.01

…almost any roof and carry any load. * Requires Crossbars and Landing Pads. Check the fit list for the correct Landing Pads for your vehicle. * Clamps into a Landing Pad base for a custom fit. * Fully adjustable crossbar spread for track applications. * Lockable with SKS lock cores - sold separately.


$87.20 - $151.20

Yakima CopperHead Bike Rack - Item #62569.01

…extra security. * Wheel trays fit many tire sizes, from skinny road tires to bigger downhill tires. * The 9-mm stainless steel, lockable skewer keeps your bike safe and secure. * With the addition of SKS lock cores, security is no worry (core sold separately). * Fits on both round and square bars.


On Sale: $79.20 $99.00

Yakima Universal MightyMounts - Item #62599.01

…and hold the MightyMounts firmly in place. * Universal design lets you move your racks and accessories from vehicle to vehicle with no hassle. * Sold in a set of four, no tools required for assembly. * The Accessory Lock Housings and SKS Lock Cores add additional security (sold separately).

On Sale: $36.00 $45.00

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Showing 1 - 12 of 38