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LVM Inflator Pump - Item #80030.01

…1.75 PSI in 5 minutes per raft. The temperature-sensitive relief valve protects against overheating. 4 nozzles, 10' battery-clamp cord. Never operate LVM with vehicle motor running - it can overheat the pump due to a higher volt output. Using this pump continuously for more than 10 minutes can cause…



LVM Inflator Pump Adapter Kit - Item #80031.01

This adapter kit is a replacement for the adapters that come with the battery-powered LVM Inflator Pump. * The eight adapters fit a wide range of inflatable valves.



LVM Bottom Assembly - Item #80036.01

The bottom assembly is the part of this pump that is responsible for the inflation or deflation.



LVM Housing Screw - Item #80035.01

The housing screw keeps the outer LVM cover (or housing) attached to the LVM motor.


LVM Cable Assembly - Item #80038.01

Replacement cable assembly for your LVM pump. Product requires soldering to attach to LVM pumps.


LVM Drive Pulley - Item #80037.01

The drive pulley is the device that mates the motor shaft to the bottom assembly. Note: New bottom assemblies come equipped with a drive pulley pre-installed.


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