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Nuu Riptide Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - Item #71783.01

…for both music and voice. * Riptide is IP57 compliant, meaning it is waterproof, sand resistant, and can be submerged in water up to 3 feet for 30 minutes without complications. * Connect to the Riptide wirelessly via any Bluetooth® V2.0 or later device, such as phones, music players, tablets…


Nuu Wake Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - Item #71780.01

The Nuu Wake Bluetooth Speaker is your ultimate outdoor music companion. 100% submersible to 3.3 feet, its rugged construction takes the bumps and bangs of your adventures while giving exceptional sound performance. * Waterproof, sandproof and worry free, the Wake meets the IPX7 immersion rating for…


Nuu Splash Trail Edition Bluetooth Speaker - Closeout - Item #71781.01

…sound for both music and voice. * Through Bluetooth, the Splash allows you to play your favorite music wirelessly from any of your devices within 33 feet (10 meters). * With its built-in microphone, the Splash can work as a speakerphone, so you can not only take your music anywhere, but also…

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Aquapac Waterproof iTunes Case - Small 518 - Item #55309.02

Take your music with you on the water. Aquapac's iTunes Case will protect your music player from water and sand without inhibiting its function. Guaranteed 100% submersible up to 15ft. * All Aquapac waterproof cases are PVC-Free. They're made from Polyurethane (PU) - 100% recyclable, thinner, stays…



Aquapac Waterproof iTunes Case - Large 519 - Item #55342.01

…Waterproof iTunes Case your music can go wherever the paths lead. And stay dry. * The large iTunes case with gold-plated headphone jack fits iPhone 6 Plus, Nokia Lumia, and Samsung Galaxy phablets. * The headphone jack means you can plug in your phones and listen to your music when you're on the…


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