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Informational: NRS - Kayaking Gear, Rafting Supplies and Boating Equipment

…you have kids with needs you aren’t used to. Mystery Moves, Charcs & Squirt Boat Gatherings » Squirt boating: a unique form of kayaking that involves insanely low-volume boats, uses words like ‘charc’ and ‘mystery move’ and welcomes new paddlers with open…

Informational: Winter Paddling at its Warmest

…canal ? from cold water leads to hearing loss. A great pair of earplugs prevents this and keeps you warmer. Using earplugs in combination with NRS Mystery Helmet Liner and a full-cut helmet does the trick for me. Keeping your extremities warm is often the hardest part. I used to wear a combination…

Informational: How to Stay Warm When Kayaking

…cooling, they are warmer than their 2-mm thickness would seem to indicate. Then, of course, you have to keep your head warm. I wear the full-cut NRS Mystery Helmet Liner, so my ears and the back of my neck are covered. And earplugs, earplugs, earplugs! It’s amazing the difference earplugs make…

Informational: Preparing for Cold-Season Boating

…through your head” myth in “How to Stay Warmer with Proper Paddling Headwear”, you’ll enjoy the warmth you get with a Mystery Head Warmer. * Your hands and feet are farthest from your heart and lose heat quickly. You’ll need neoprene gloves, water shoes and wetsocks…

Informational: How to Choose Cold-Water Apparel

…insulating base layers to match the boating temperature conditions. * Pay attention to your extremities. The head is a major source of heat loss. Mystery Helmet Liners and Hoods are a great addition to your gear bag. Insulated footwear and neoprene socks protect your feet from the cold and neoprene…

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