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Mystery Hood

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Informational: How to Stay Warmer with Proper Paddling Headwear

…lot of their insulation value, and you also get heat loss through evaporation. Enter NRS Mystery Helmet Liners, the NRS Sea Hood and the NRS Storm Hood. 1 mm of neoprene (2.5 for the Sea Hood and Sea Hood with Bill) gives you good insulation, and the smooth Glideskin™ exterior beads off water…

Informational: How to Choose Cold-Water Apparel

…base layers to match the boating temperature conditions. * Pay attention to your extremities. The head is a major source of heat loss. Mystery Helmet Liners and Hoods are a great addition to your gear bag. Insulated footwear and neoprene socks protect your feet from the cold and neoprene gloves keep…

Informational: How to Stay Warm When Boating

…full-cut NRS Mystery Helmet Liner, so my ears and the back of my neck are covered. And earplugs, earplugs, earplugs! It’s amazing the difference earplugs make keeping your head warm and you’re protecting your ears from cold air, cold water and infection. The NRS Storm Hood is a warmer…

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