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Natural Glove

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NRS Natural Gloves - Closeout - Item #25022.01

Naturally warm, naturally curved, naturally grippy, the NRS Natural Glove is like using bare hands, only better. This super warm glove is just what you need when the cold settles in. * When you're paddling or working in icy water you'll really appreciate the 3.5-mm neoprene and titanium laminate…


On Sale: $33.75 $44.95

NRS Extreme Drysuit - Item #22523.03

…men's relief zipper for a little less "ooh" and a lot more "aah." * Heavy-duty TIZIP® MasterSeal waterproof men's relief zipper lets you answer nature's call without having to take off the suit. * Our 3-layer TriTon™ fabric is highly breathable and 100% waterproof. * Tough 70 denier nylon…



Astral Men's Aquanaut Water Shoe - Closeout - Item #31009.01

…by a high-surface perimeter for grip on slippery river rocks. * The G15™ high-friction rubber in the outsole is long wearing and non-marking. * Foot ball and heel are at the same level for natural balance and agility. * Roomy toebox allows your feet and toes to spread out for stability.


On Sale: $81.75 $109.95

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