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Neck Gasket

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NRS Latex Neck Gasket Repair Kit - Item #33606.01

Stay dry and don't miss a day on the water. The NRS Latex Neck Gasket Repair Kit gives you all the repair materials you need to replace one neck gasket. You supply the elbow grease. * The kit contains: one high-quality latex neck gasket, 1/2 oz. Aquaseal® Adhesive, 1/2 oz Cotol-240™…


On Sale: $34.36 $42.95

NRS Latex Neck Gasket - Item #33605.01

High-quality latex neck gasket that are 0.6 mm thick. Install using Aquaseal®. The glue-in diameter for all sizes is 26" in circumference.


On Sale: $28.76 $35.95

NRS Stampede Paddling Jacket - Item #22513.04

…to puncture and abrasion. * An alternative to more constricting latex gaskets, the punch-through neoprene GlideSkin™ neck seal provides all-day comfort while still keeping most water out. * The tough latex wrist gaskets seal out water and are protected by self-draining volcano-style neoprene…


On Sale: $199.96 $249.95

NRS Men's Pivot Drysuit - Item #22536.01

…* Top quality latex wrist and neck gaskets seal water out. * Volcano-style self-draining punch-through neoprene neck overcuff protects the tough latex neck gasket. * Volcano-style neoprene cuffs are also on the wrists and ankles to protect the latex wrist gaskets and Eclipse socks. * Single-seam…

On Sale: $791.96 $989.95

NRS Extreme Drysuit - Item #22523.03

…with hook-and-loop sealed flaps for extra protection. * Durable latex neck gasket, wrist gaskets, and socks keep water out. * Adjustable polyurethane-coated spandex overcuffs at the neck, wrists and ankles protect latex gaskets and seal over footwear and gloves. * Reflective taping on the arms…


On Sale: $636.76 $795.95

Kokatat Men's Gore-Tex Idol SwitchZip Drysuit - Item #23022.01

…leg high-wear areas. * Attached socks are made with Gore-Tex fabric, fully seam taped for durability and waterproofness. * Tough latex neck and wrist gaskets with neoprene punch-through protective covers. * The self-draining zippered sleeve pocket has a handy key lanyard. * Come join the revolution!


On Sale: $944.00 $1180.00

Level Six Duke Drytop - Item #23153.02

…tunnel to provide a reliable dry seal at the waist. * British latex neck and wrist gaskets provide a reliable seal. * Volcano-style neoprene over-cuffs protect wrist gaskets, and an adjustable neoprene collar protects the neck gasket. * Added 3-ply panels in high wear areas to reduce wear and tear.…


On Sale: $199.96 $249.95

Kokatat Men's SuperNova Semi-Drysuit - Item #23008.02

…people who experience problems or discomfort wearing a drysuit with a latex neck gasket. * Quality Plastic TIZIP® master seal zipper gives you a water tight seal that keeps you safe and warm. * Latex wrist gaskets and Tropos socks will ensure that water stays out of your suit from these entry…


$404.00 - $428.00

NRS Navigator Paddling Suit - Closeout - Item #22535.01

…neoprene neck seal, Eclipse™ 4-layer fabric and smart details for touring comfort and convenience. * As an alternative to conventional drysuits, the Navigator Paddling Suit features a neoprene volcano-style neck gasket in place of latex. * The Navigator's GlideSkin™ neoprene neck gasket


On Sale: $700.00 $999.95

Level Six Emperor Drysuit - Item #23161.02

…Integrated 3.0 ply eXhaust socks and tough latex neck and wrist gaskets seal out water to keep you dry and comfortable. * New articulated spine offers roomy comfort whether your standing or sitting. * Adjustable hook-and-loop overcuffs protect gaskets and keep debris away from your socks and shoes.…


On Sale: $719.96 $899.95

NRS Orion Paddling Jacket - Item #20022.01

…face shield helps you cope with the nastiest conditions, and its GlideSkin™ neoprene neck gasket seals out water without the discomfort of latex. * The Orion's GlideSkin™neoprene neck gasket keeps nearly all water out while being more comfortable than latex for long days and extended…

On Sale: $303.96 $379.95

NRS Men's Crux Drysuit - Closeout - Item #22533.02

…and neck gaskets seal water out. * The heavy-duty TIZIP® Masterseal waterproof entry zipper allows easy entrance and is covered with a hook-and-loop sealed flap for extra protection. * Volcano-style self-draining punch-through neoprene neck overcuff protects the tough latex neck gasket. *…


On Sale: $693.00 $989.95

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