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NRS Attack Wetshoe - Closeout - Item #30030.01
…* Cushy 2.5-mm neoprene construction supports your foot while retaining classic thermal capabilities. * Tough rubber toe and heel cup protect your foot from the bumps and bashing of portage and scouting. * Rugged PVC-coated woven polyester material wrapped around the sides of the shoe and across the…


On Sale: $58.50 $89.95

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NRS ATB Wetshoe - Item #30029.01
…superior traction, in the water and on land. * You'll like the comfort and warmth of the 5-mm neoprene upper while the 7-mm insole cushions your foot for quick side hikes or a grueling portage. It's a great shoe for daily river running. * YKK® ankle zippers make it easy to get in and out of. * A…



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NRS Cross-4 Wetshoe - Item #30033.01
…is built with 4-mm neoprene for reliable insulation, and a supportive instep strap that ensures your shoes stay snug on your foot. * Adjustable instep strap tightens the top of the boot around your foot for increased stability and a comfortable, secure fit. * 4-mm neoprene upper provides warm…



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NRS Boundary Shoe - Item #30035.01
…NRS Boundary Shoe is knee high, waterproof and warm. Great for those wet, soggy put-ins and portages. Individually tested to ensure waterproofness. * The waterproof 5-mm neoprene upper has glued, blind-stitched and double-taped seams to keep your feet warm and dry. * Comfy 7-mm neoprene insole atop…



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NRS Shock Sock Wetshoe - Item #30038.01
…footing on shore and works great as a SUP shoe too. * 3-mm Terraprene™ neoprene for outstanding insulation. * Stretchy rubber stabilizing bands provide lateral support without adding bulk. * A flexible reinforcing 2-mm shim in the sole and 7-mm neoprene insole protects your foot from rocks and…



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NRS Freestyle Wetshoe - Item #30017.03
…cockpits and protection for put-ins and portages. * Say goodbye to cold, bruised, battered feet and ankles. Stretchy 3-mm Terraprene™ neoprene gives you lots of cushion and warmth. * Soft, fleece-like VaporLoft™ lining repels water and dries instantly for superior warmth and comfort.…



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NRS Kicker Wetshoe - Item #30021.01
…low top bootie for your type of boating, you can't beat the NRS Kicker Wetshoe. Warmth, traction and foot protection in one classic shoe. * The 3mm neoprene upper and insole, with glued and blind-stitched seams, will keep your feet warm from heel to toe. * The high-traction sole wraps up around…



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NRS Sasquatch Wetshoe - Closeout - Item #30018.01
…down the river and back, you want shoes that are good to your feet. The NRS Sasquatch Wetshoes fits great, lets your toes spread out and is oh so comfortable. * 3-mm neoprene with titanium laminate adhesive keeps you warm and cushions against impact. * The neoprene cuff snugs above the ankle and the…


On Sale: $31.50 $44.95

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NRS Sandal Sock - Item #30010.01
…the perfect solution for cold feet. Wear them with your sandals and wetshoes to add extra warmth without the bulk of a full size wetsock. * 2-mm neoprene with titanium laminate adhesive adds maximum warmth with minimal bulk. * Glued, blind-stitched and fully taped seams reduce the flow of cold water…



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NRS Comm-3 Wetshoe - Item #30032.01
…the Comm-3 is a favorite of outfitters and paddlers everywhere. The back neoprene panel is color-coded for easy identification of size in commercial use. * The 3-mm neoprene upper and a 5-mm neoprene insole make this paddle shoe warm and comfortable. * The flexible rubber sole offers high-traction…



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NRS Kinetic Water Shoe - Item #30042.01
…the NRS Kinetic is your wetshoe. Warmth and protection in a flexible, compact package. * Upper and insole are constructed with 3 mm Terraprene neoprene with titanium to keep your feet warm from heel to toe. * 1.5 mm textured rubber sole won't add bulk, and still protects your feet both in and out…


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NRS Women's Kicker Remix Shoe - Item #30023.02
…fit and comfort. * Upper and insole are constructed with 3 mm Terraprene neoprene with titanium to keep your feet warm from heel to toe. * Stretchy rubber bands improve lateral stability and help hold the shoe to your foot. * Shoe-top draw cord keeps your foot snug and secure. * Patterned…



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