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Oar Weights

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Cataract Oar Counterbalance Sleeves - Item #77304.01
…slide easily over the end of the oar, fasten securely to the shaft anywhere you want and are completely removable. This river tool is fully adjustable and will enable you to offset the weight of the oar outside your oarlocks. You can custom adjust these weights for multiple rowers, personal…



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Cataract SGG Oar Shaft - Item #77310.01
…used by the aerospace industry. These oars perform like no others, translating muscle energy into stroke power more effectively than other oars, giving you the ultimate in oar responsiveness. The SGG oar shaft flexes and rebounds like wood without the weight or need for maintenance. They are ideal…


$128.95 - $154.95

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Cataract SGG Counterbalance Shaft with Wrap & Stop - Item #77315.01
…carbon fiber lay up flexes and rebounds like a wooden oar without the maintenance issues of wood. * The handle area has a four pound weight added. This counters the weight of the oar out past the oarlock. In a day's rowing, you lift that oar out of the water hundreds of times. This takes a lot of…


$172.70 - $188.25

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Cataract Carbon Razor Oar Blade - 7" - Item #77301.01
Sharpen your oar setup with the Cataract Razor Oar Blade. This sleek new design sports enough sweet features to make a fisherman sob with glee. * The Razor is the perfect blade for drift boaters seeking a sleeker, lighter set of blades with excellent handling and clean entry into the water. * A…


On Sale: $119.95 $149.95

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Cataract SGG Shaft with Wrap & Stop - Item #77312.01
…wood without the weight or need for maintenance. The SGG effectively translates muscle energy into stroke power, giving you the ultimate in oar responsiveness. Blades are interchangeable with Carlisle models. These oars are wrapped with rope and come with rubber oar stops. The oar stop needs to be…


$159.95 - $181.95

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Cataract X-Wound Oar Shaft - Item #77316.01
…This weight savings really adds up to less muscle strain when you're swinging those oars on a long river stretch. * The oars have an all carbon-fiber layer on the outside, so they are only available in black. * Like the SGG oar shaft, the X-Wound flexes and rebounds like wood without the weight or…

$175.95 - $194.50

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Sawyer Wide DyneLite Oar Blade - Item #77284.01
…to battle rocks. * The thin profile ensures a smooth, quiet entry that fishermen love. * At only 2.3 pounds, this blade reduces the oar's swing weight to help prevent rowing fatigue. * Blade fits in all 1 5/8" Sawyer, Cataract and Carlisle oar shafts and secures with the Sawyer twist-up locking peg.



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Cataract 2-Piece Mini Mag Oar - Item #77309.01
…and durable as any Cataract® Oar, the Mini Magnum was designed specifically for kick boat and pontoon boat enthusiasts who refuse to compromise their rowing power. * The Mini Magnum utilizes the same carbon/glass/epoxy material as Cataract's larger oars for an unparralelled strength-to-weight…



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NRS Frame 6" Oar Mount - Item #91040.02
…creating a stronger oar mount. * This increased strength has allowed us to streamline the design, reducing the 6-inch Oar Mount's weight by 25% over the older model. * A tough nylon bushing allows the oarlock shank to rotate friction free. * You can easily adjust the oar mount's height by rotating…


$37.50 - $74.95

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Smoker Light Drifter Oar - Item #77278.01
…quiet rowing and have a rubber covered grip for comfort. * The finish is a sealer soak, plus two coats of the finest marine grade spar varnish. * Slim blade offers light blade weight for hours of rowing with minimal effort. We recommend using Cobra Oarlocks with these oars. Oars sold individually

$269.95 - $329.95

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Carlisle Economy Oar - Item #77255.01
…boats. Anodized aluminum oar with a blade that cannot warp. * Use with 1 3/4" Bronze Oar Locks. * Not intended for whitewater use, great for lakes and easy streams. * Oar shaft and blade sold together. Length: 6', 6.5', 7' Blade Size: 5.5" x 26" Shaft Diameter: 1 3/8" Weight: 43oz. (6') Grip: Black,…


$44.95 - $49.95

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NRS Frame 10" Oar Mount - Item #91042.02
…your oar locks up higher for more comfortable rowing when you're sitting on a raised surface. * Forging aligns the crystalline structure of the aluminum, creating a stronger oar mount. * This increased strength has allowed us to streamline the design, reducing the 10-inch Oar Mount's weight by 25%…

$54.95 - $109.95

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