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Otter 140

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NRS Otter 140 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #85018.01

The NRS Otter 140 is the "little big man" of rafts. At 14' long and 7' wide, it's small enough to navigate tight rivers and large enough to carry heavy loads on multi-day trips. A great fishing boat too! * NRS Otter Series Rafts provide outfitter-grade performance that the private boater can afford.…



NRS Otter 140 Raft Fishing Package - Item #otter140fp

The NRS Otter 140 self-bailing raft, with our adaptable Fishing Frame, is a sportsman's delight. When you're not fishing it easily converts to a big water multiday gear boat. * High quality Pennel Orca® tubes and floor, HD-40 bottom armor and a frame chafe guard make this one heck of a tough…

NRS Otter Livery 140 Standard Floor Rafts - Item #85033.01

The 14' Otter Livery 140 raft is the most spacious boat in our livery line. It offers plenty of room for paddlers (up to ten), a few fishing friends and all the gear and coolers needed for a day with the poles, or taking the nuclear family and everyone's gear for a multi-day excursion. Now built…


NRS Thwart for Otter 140, 150, Otter Livery 140, E-140, 141, 150, 161, 162D - Item #85048.01

Up the fun quotient! Make room for even more paddlers in your NRS Otter, Otter Livery, Expedition, Osprey or Revolution raft by adding another thwart. We stock replacement thwarts for many older NRS models too. * Adding another thwart provides seating for more thrill seekers and extra flotation for…



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